Japanese Engineers Create Virtual Reality Buggy


Engineers in Japan have built a real life buggy that lets you interact with a virtual world while driving it.

I’ve mentioned it before but I have something of a soft spot for weird concept vehicles, whether they’re peddle-powered airhips or solar-powered bicycles (yeah, wrap your head around that one) so a five-wheeled buggy that projects a VR display on its interior, which the driver has to rely upon entirely to navigate is right up my street.

The buggy is basically little more than a chair with a projector and an opaque outer shell that looks a little bit like Casper The Friendly Ghost’s head and was developed by Iwata-Yano Laboratory at the University of Tsukuba who describe it as a ‘media vehicle’.

It’s probably not going to replace your car any time soon, but it does have certain charm, even if only because of its resemblance to fictional ghosts.

Source: CrunchGear

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