Every man that participates in organized crime needs a strong woman behind him.

Yakuza 4‘s 6 hours of cutscenes will feature more than dudes kicking ass. The game’s latest trailer reveals a significant part of the game that will see players breaking hearts, or falling in love.

Hostess clubs are a significant part of Yakuza 4. At these clubs, players will encounter many different girls and try to win them over to start a relationship. The trailer reveals at least six different girls, each with their own style.

Relationships in Yakuza 4 are simple. Meet a girl (or two) at a club. Have a nice conversation over a few drinks. Watch her dance on a stage in a skimpy outfit. Engage in a curious minigame where you have to build an attraction meter. Fall in love.

Afterward, the trailer explains that you can go about a healthy relationship, playing pool or table tennis while staring at your girlfriend’s chest, or you can break her heart and take a slap to the face. However, for a man in the Yakuza, falling in love might be even more dangerous.

The inclusion of hostess clubs in the North American release of Yakuza 4 is significant because they were removed from the release of Yakuza 3. For Yakuza 4, the entire dating sim element has been retained.

Wait for me, Chihiro.

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