The final Jason David Frank action movie prior to his passing, Legend of the White Dragon, will receive a release in theaters in fall 2023.

A large chunk of people had a bit of their childhood ripped away with the passing of Jason David Frank last November. The actor played Tommy Oliver, the Green and then White (and then others) Power Ranger, throughout many Power Rangers shows and movies and was, as such, a big part of a lot of people’s youth. However, we’ll all have one more chance to see Jason David Frank kicking butt as his final movie role, in a passion project of his called Legend of the White Dragon, has set a theatrical release date of September 4.

The movie is an action film based around the titular White Dragon, played by Frank and clearly riffing off his Power Rangers persona. In it the White Dragon must return to a city he fought to protect three years after being sent on the run as a fugitive all while protecting the family he’s kept hidden from his enemies. Now, he has to clear his name and fight the evil Dragon Prime (Aaron Schoenke) in order to both save the city and stop the mysterious revenge plans of Dragon Prime. Plenty of action and fight sequences will occur in what could turn out to be a film that’s at least fun to watch and probably packs a more powerful punch given the circumstances of its release, especially with Frank producing the film.

“We are proud to have worked with such a talented actor, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share his final performance with the world,” said Aaron Schoenke, who is also co-director, to Deadline. “Having been on this journey with Jason for 10 years, I know he would be beyond excited to know that Legend of the White Dragon will be opening in theaters.”

Mark Dacascos, King Bach, Michael Madsen, David Ramsey, Jason Faunt, Rachel Brooke Smith, Ciara Hanna, Kevin Porter, Mayling Ng, Cerina Vincent, and Frank’s daughter, Jenna Rae Frank, also star in the film.

Frank was best known for his plethora of Power Rangers roles, donning a multitude of different Ranger costumes over the years and becoming a fan favorite. However, he struggled with mental health issues throughout his life, though reportedly found solace through a passion for martial arts. Sadly, last November he committed suicide, prompting an outpouring of praise from both fans of the franchise and his former co-stars. It sounds like Legend of the White Dragon will be a fitting sendoff as the final movie of Jason David Frank.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, call or text 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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