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Just Another Night


Author: VariableAmplitude

The moonlight reflects off the skyscraper’s windows. A lone figure stands looking over the edge of the building. The shriek of an innocent woman below comes up to the yellow-clad figure. A bright light begins to glow in the costumed hero’s good eye and reflects off of his pure white skin and teeth as he grins. The hero steps back a few feet then runs for the edge of the building. At the edge, he leaps and spins to face the building. Streaking past the windows floor by floor, the hero glances at his watch and grins a little. Striking the ground with only the sound of a small electrical discharge, the hero Amplitude begins his nightly patrol of King’s Row. Taking in the details of the situation in an instant, Amp takes aim at the nearest of the four thugs. Releasing the pent up electrical energy in his body, a bolt of pure energy shoots from his arm with a loud “Zapp!” The unexpected attack throws the attackers off. The mugging victim falls the ground as the Hellions lose their interest in her and shift it to their assailant. Before the Hellions can draw their guns, Amplitude super jumps towards his enemies and spins over their heads to land behind them again. Charging up his hands again, Amplitude releases the power of a lightning bolt and strikes another attacker down. The two remaining let off a few shots from their guns before switching to their baseball bats. Sizing up the situation, Amplitude claps his hands together to release a wave of electricity around him. The approaching Hellions run into the wave and are instantly injured a bit. Amplitude charges his fists again and strikes the first Hellion with this gloved fists. The remaining Hellion turns to run. Summoning up his most difficult of electrical manipulation abilities, Amplitude causes the running gangster to be wrapped in a field of lightning. The mugger is stunned and passes out from the binding assault. Turning to the cowering woman, Amplitude extends his hand and helps the lady up. “Evening, mam.” With a small salute he jumps back, spins, and lands on the rooftop across the street.

It’s just another night in Paragon City and the hero Amplitude is on the prowl.

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