When Justin Bieber performs in front of sold-out crowds of teenage girls, he doesn’t forget to bring his Kinect.

Microsoft seems to think that Justin Bieber fans are the perfect audience for Kinect. The furry-headed teen pop star has been promoting the device during the intro to his performances.

In an apparent backstage video that was shown before Bieber began lip-syncing to auto-tuned music, we see Bieber’s “crew” using Kinect to play Dance Central, where Kinect reads a player’s movements and translates them to an Xbox Live avatar. Bieber, obviously off doing something way cooler than playing videogames, wanders in and observes his “crew” playing the game and gets into it himself.

The Bieb-ster then annoyingly hogs the 360 from the ten other people in the room to play a game of River Rush from Kinect Adventures, and becomes an achievement whore while losing all of the “friends” in his “crew.” This is an inside look at what occurs regularly backstage at Bieber concerts.

Mr. Bieb went on to appear in smoke and do a cover of a song laced with the chorus from The Cardigans’ “Lovefool.” I think we have confirmation that Microsoft is really going for a super casual audience for Kinect, because maybe I’m being ignorant, but most Justin Bieber fans probably don’t own a 360 and aren’t considered hardcore gamers.

Or, could this be reverse psychology and an attempt to get hardcore gamers into Justin Bieber? It’s worked on me: I already bought all of his albums and have them on repeat. Any 16-year-old that uses terms like “shorty” is cool with me.

Via: Destructoid

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