Big projects can be overwhelmed – and Post-it notes all over your desk don’t do much in the way of organization. Stay organized, stay focused, and stay on track every step of the way: get Aeon Timeline 2 for Mac and Windows for $22.99. You’ll save 54% off the regular price of $50 when you grab it at Escapist Deals.

Aeon Timeline 2 ensures you hit your deadlines and stay panic-free the whole time. The timeline tool helps you manage events, divide them into groups based on their relationships with other entities, links events with images, external documents, and websites so you can track your research. Use the pre-configured and fully customizable templates and calendar, and even import CSVs and sun with Scrivener and web-based publishing timelines.

Get Aeon Timeline 2 for Mac and Windows for $22.99 at Escapist Deals.

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