Critical Miss

Kickstarted to Death



It’s odd how it seems the only thing more deadly to a Kickstarter project than being underfunded is it being over-funded. “Bloat” or “feature creep,” is one of the biggest killers of independent projects and the common attitude towards Kickstarter backing – that every penny has to be put back into the project regardless of its original goals – only encourages that kind of excess.

Personally, I’ve never been particularly bothered about what happens to Kickstarter funds beyond the original goal and stretch goals. I’d like it if that money was used to up the salaries of the creative team, but I’m also not opposed to the dev putting that cash towards its next game, or just keeping it as raw profit. Just blindly throwing it into a project, regardless of its scope, believing more money = better game is exactly the kind of thinking that’s made AAA untenable for so many developers.

TLDR: Managing small projects is hard. Managing fuck-off-huge projects is harder. The bigger a project becomes, the more likely it’s going to disappoint everyone. We know this. Look at Destiny.

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