Mobile Kinectimals means Skittles will always be with us.

It’s true. Kinectimals, a Kinect-exclusive game that absolutely requires you to own Microsoft’s motion gaming accessory, is coming to the Kinect-less Windows Phone 7 line this fall. Does the title even make sense anymore?

Kinectimobiles? Phoneimals? Bleh. I hope the game’s marketing team is more creative than I am.

Gamers will be able to take their “favorite cubs” beyond the living room and perform many of the same features found in the full retail game. There’s been no official word on whether experiences earned while mobile will travel back to the Xbox 360 with your pets, but that sort of cross-interactivity in games is what Windows Phone 7 really needs to lift off.

The news came out of Gamescom, where Microsoft revealed the game will also include full Xbox Live support.

“Players can care for and bond with their favorite pet cat or bear cub using touch screen controls to feed, pet, play and nurture them on-the-go from their Windows Phone while also enjoying Xbox Live integration of Achievements and Leaderboards,” Microsoft said in a press release.

Achievement Unlocked: Take Skittles to the Zoo.

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