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Although the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC is yet to launch for most fans, the team behind it has already moved on to a new project.

The revelation comes via The 13 Questions of Darkness Q&A posted to the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter page (as translated by Gematsu). That post confirms that Re:Mind is the only DLC being developed for Kingdom Hearts III, with the team not currently planning any further updates either:

“We don’t have updates planned at this time, but if something comes up in the future, then we will deal with it. As for downloadable content, Re Mind is the first and last.”

Instead, the team is “already working on the next title.” However, the post also cautions that “a traditional Kingdom Hearts will take some time.”

Nonetheless, two new teams have been created to work on content for the series. Although specifics of what that content will be are unavailable, the post notes that “one of their titles is coming surprisingly soon.”

This proliferation of projects tallies with what series creative director Tetsuya Nomura told USGamer last year, that “Even we’re talking about a hypothetical Kingdom Hearts 4, there’s something that must be written before it, so I’m looking into the possibility of sandwiching it between works.”

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind is set to launch on January 23 for PlayStation 4 owners, while Xbox One users have to wait until February 25.


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