Only 150 being made.

Kojima Productions has unveiled a 1/2 scale statue of its mascot Ludens, which can be purchased at a cost of $1,999. Ludens is wearing an “extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit” and is carrying a flag with the Kojima Productions logo on it.

The statue, which is being created by Prime 1 Studio, stands at just over five feet tall, including the base and flagpole, with a weight yet to be determined. He will also feature LED lighting in his helmet.

The statue will be limited to 150 units, with each one being signed by Hideo Kojima. For fans with $2000 they’re willing to part with, the statue will ship in early 2018, and there is a payment plan of $225 per month available. Preorders are now open.

Kojima Productions is currently working on upcoming Death Stranding, and recently announced that Shinji Hirano, former president of Konami Europe, has joined Kojima Productions as president.

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