Le Chevalier D?Eon Volume 3

Le Chevalier D’Eon Volume 3


If you haven’t read the review for Volumes One and Two, make sure to check them out so you know what’s going on!

image D’Eon and his companions have made it to Russia and have even managed get in contact with the Queen there. However things are never as simple as they wish it could be and plots emerge that threaten the stability of Russia itself. Secrets are also unrevealing and D’Eon gets closer and closer to figuring out the mystery behind his sisters death.

The story just keeps getting better, and even through they’ve finally given us some answers, they’ve added even more questions. This series is a puzzle of plot and intrigue. It has me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. I’m happy to say that this story hasn’t lost any steam and has continued to keep me wanting more.

The art and animation was as spectacular as ever, it continues to impress. Though recent episodes seem to be doing less and less of any 3D aspects, this disappointed me a bit since they animators really do a brilliant job of blending it with 2D. Hopefully the next disc will bring back some of the 3D animation.

image The sound as good as the previous two discs if not better. They did an excellent job at making the voices echo in hallways, it was like I was actually in the scene itself. The extras also keep getting better. There’s tons of commentary on this disc with voice actors and the Director. It’s really fun to listen to what they all have to say about the show and the episode.

Le Chevalier D’Eon is really starting to pick up steam and charge forward. This series has me wrapped around its little finger and asking for more. What makes this series so wonderful is that it’s rich visually but also provides a story that captures the viewers attention and doesn’t let go.

Entertainment: 10

Technical: 10
Couldn’t ask for more.

Overall: 10

DVD Features: Episodes 9-10, English, Japanese with English Subtitles

EVE Extras: Commentary with Chris Hutchison & Steven Foster, Commentary with Lesley Tesh and Amit Patel, Commentary with Alice Fulks and Steve Foster, Commentary With Jessica Boone and Jose Diaz

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