Yeah, you might not get it. That’s okay.

We’re long overdue for another Legacy of Kain game. While I don’t think any of the latter installments managed to top Soul Reaver, largely because the narrative began to give way under the weight of five games worth of time-fuckery, the constant back-and-forth squabbling between haughty, moping ghost-hero Raziel and ridiculous Machiavellian-cockbox Kain was always entertaining enough to keep me playing.

Unfortunately, series writer Amy Hennig switched over to Naughy Dog, where she leads the team working on Uncharted (which, coincidentally, would totally benefit from a scene in which the main character has his lower jaw ripped off). Between that and the fact that the zombified remains of Crystal Dynamics seems to be mostly concerned with rebooting the Tomb Raider series every twenty minutes or so, a return to the Kain series seems depressingly unlikely.

Also, Merry Christmas.

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