LEGO-Compatible Munchkin Bricks Figures Stack Up On Kickstarter


CrazyBricks is working with Steve Jackson Games to make 3D miniatures accessories of the Munchkinomicon, Chibithulhu, the Rat on the Stick, and other favorites from Munchkin.

CrazyBricks has teamed up with Steve Jackson Games to produce officially licensed accessories for miniatures. The accessories are compatible with miniature figures such as LEGO, Kre-O, Kubrick, Character Building, Si-Dan, and Friends. The injection molded figures are based on iconic items and weapons from the Munchkin card game. CrazyBricks launched a Kickstarter campaign today to produce the figures. The first set includes the Unnatural Axe, Rat on the Stick, the Triple-Barreled Shotgun, the Munchkinomicon, Chibithulhu, the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment, the Cute Shoulder Dragon, and the Duck of DOOM! Each set also includes a Kickstarter-exclusive Munchkin card. CrazyBricks’ funding goal is $15,000. On the first day, the campaign has raised over $4,000 from 147 backers. The campaign ends June 24.

Each set of miniature accessories will come in one of four colors. The four colors currently planned are gunmetal grey, brown, green, and glow-in-the-dark. A fifth color option will be added if the campaign hits a stretch goal of $35,000. Other stretch goals at the $20,000, $25,000, and $30,000 milestones will unlock additional items and multi-color add-on collections of Chibithulu, the Duck of DOOM!, and the Cute Shoulder Dragon. Backers can also receive a Munchkin-styled crate for storing their accessories, starting at the $25 backer pledge level.

CrazyBricks manufactures accessories and custom parts for miniature figures. Existing products include skull heads in many colors, gingerbread man and the zombified gingerdead man figures, pig-men faces, and other accessories. The Munchkin Bricks project is the third Kickstarter project run by CrazyBricks.

Source: Munchkin Bricks on Kickstarter

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