LEGO Breaking Bad creator Brian Anderson has designed another LEGO parody that will never become a full-fledged game.

As we grew up, the franchises we enjoyed as children tried to follow us by becoming darker and edgier. Comic books scaled up the gore and violence, TV shows and movies became gritty reboots, and LEGO products… never did any of that because keeping imagination lighthearted was the right idea. Still, occasionally there is a humorous appeal in mixing childlike wonder with bleak despair, which is why we videos like LEGO The Last of Us to show what would happen if Traveler’s Tales took a dark turn.

The video was posted by Brian Anderson, last seen releasing a block-based interpretation of Breaking Bad. In this video, Joel and Ellie are crossing a room filled with infected in the hopes of reaching an ammo cache on the other side. To its credit, LEGO The Last Of Us does a great job of revisualizing Naughty Dog’s gameplay, to the point that I was looking for a controller when the opening “cutscene” ended. There’s also lots of iconic LEGO charm at play as Joel fumbles across the room, with each kill dropping LEGO studs instead of infected gore.

That being said, don’t expect LEGO The Last of Us to be available as more than a YouTube parody anytime soon. Although after seeing the twist ending, I’ll probably wouldn’t mind if Traveler’s Tales made a very specific exception to adapting mature franchises.

Source: YouTube

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