Light Cycles Go Turn-Based in Tron Board Game


Tron‘s light cycles have been slowed down to accomodate the turn-based nature of a board game.

The fast-paced Tron light cycle game where participants drive high-powered virtual motorcycles that leave walls behind them for opponents to crash into isn’t really something you’d think would translate into a board game. Nevertheless, a man has created one.

Brett King developed a Tron light cycle board game for personal use so he and his “subroutines,” also known as his kids, could play. Sorry, it’s not for sale. It glows through blacklight-reactive paint and uses fluorescent orange and blue acrylic for the cycle walls.

It comes with six light cycles: 3 blue and three orange. King and co. are still working on the game’s rules, but they have a basic set figured out. Players take turns moving a light cycle in increments of 2 inches, 4 inches, 8 inches, or 12 inches, or they can use their turns to rotate a cycle. If a cycle hits a wall, it and its walls are removed from the game. The player with the last light cycle left wins.

The Recognizer is a nice touch. While the basic idea might be more exciting in the world of Tron, it could be pretty fun as designed here. I’m sure Tron fans are already trying to get King to backtrack on that “not for sale” thing.

Source: Make, via Ars Technica

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