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Lightness of Being (a Gamer)


Self-awareness is understanding the concept of existing as an individual having thoughts feelings and ideas, and that those are separate from those of others around you. And from this self-awareness, the age old questions of identity were born: Who am I? Why am I?

And over time, in an attempt to answer these questions, to give meaning to life, to help take meaning from life, we have found tribes of people with whom we identify. And with these people, we spend time, develop outward identities to include apparel, body art, or none, find homes away from home where like others congregate. In these second homes, we engage in the activity particular to a tribe, be it discussing religion, experimenting with various substances, playing a sport or perhaps, videogames.

And this last, videogames, is a defining feature of our tribe. Not the defining feature, but certainly one. But what else is there? Who are we? What is our place in the world? This week, the writers of The Escapist explore, expound and experiment in an attempt to help shed light on these questions. Enjoy!


-Julianne Greer

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