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Lineage 2: Journeys.. Life in Aden


Chapter Two

After he finished his rest on the rock near the Orc he had just killed, he decided it was time to venture out again. He carefully made sure that he retrieved all the salvageable items off of the beast.

Again L’Stre crept through the woods looking for another target to lay waste to. Over a hill he could here sharp annoying chatter. He had never heard this type of noise before, so he slowly crawled to the crest of the hill wanting to be careful as to not draw unwanted attention to himself. He peeked over the crest and saw 3 little green creatures conversing; at least he thinks that is what they were doing with the sharp noises. He noticed all 3 of the creatures had weapons of some sort that he had never seen before. They were like a sword but short and broader, in between the size of a sword and a dagger. Just about the size of a mail breaker if he could recall correctly. These creatures looked frail and rather small; they nearly came up to his waste. He knew never to underestimate his enemies though. He was told stories when he was a child about creatures called imps who could conjure a type of magic to rain rocks down upon an individual. These imps were described not to be any taller then the creatures he was seeing now. L’Stre knew these were no imps though, because imps were of a light tan color not a green. He slowly crept over to a big elm tree that stood just back on the hill. He went to the far side and peeked around to see if he had drawn the attention to himself he did not want. Noticing that the creatures were still chattering and going about their business he knew they had no clue he was about. L’Stre decided to take a chance and see if these creatures were friendly, he stepped around the tree with an arrow knocked and ready to fly if need be. He yelled over to the pesky green critters and said Hey Friend. The creatures a tad startled jumped back with swords drawn up in a defensive position. They looked at him and at each other for a moment. It was an awkwardly dangerous moment before anything went further. They all stood in silence for nearly the entire time without anyone moving. The creatures curled their tight lips up into a smile that showed sharp dagger like teeth. L’Stre knew then that these were no friends. He then raised his bow up to prepare for battle when they started towards him in a scanter type run. L’Stre let loose his first arrow and knocked another before the first arrow hit its target. He let loose the third and waited briefly to see the results. He placed both arrows on target, which just happened to be an eye of each the critters. The third stood still while its two friends tumbled backwards from the impact of L’Stre’s arrows.

He quickly knocked another arrow and held it aimed at the last creature. It squeaked and gurgled in complete terror. This time L’Stre asked if it wanted trouble the little creature shook his head in the no manner. He then asked him to drop his weapon and any others it had hidden. It did so immediately. He asked it nicely to please back away from the weapons that lay on the ground. The creature did as asked. L’Stre kept the arrow knocked but lowered his bow in a non-threatening manner, he wanted to learn from this creature. He wanted to learn about this new land he had never seen before and of the creatures that dwell in it. He asked the creature if it could speak the language of humans, it nodded. He then asked what the creatures name was; the creature sort of stunned grunted and licked its lips. In an odd squeaky voice it said Negarsh. L’Stre asked it why they attacked him; he replied in the squeaky voice, that to hesitate is a grave mistake especially in the presence of a vile human. He was appalled that this creature just called him a vile human when in fact he was a noble Elf. He stated sternly and quite rudely that the pesky creature had no right to call him a “Noble Elf” a vile human. The creature had a dumbfounded look on its face and replied “Elf”, what is an Elf. Shocked L’Stre stood for a second in time and then caught his senses and explained to him what an Elf was. He smiled a smile that let L’Stre believe that he knew what he was talking about. Negarsh explained that he was taught about Elves before but his people called them Jecka. He smiled at the name that Negarsh said was the one that they used for Elves. Negarsh told him he was sorry that he called him a vile human and that he had heard of his people before and knew they were noble and loved all the life in the forest, and apologized to him about having attacked first without thinking. L’Stre told him they did the right thing, but it was a deadly mistake to make on both parts. He smiled and said his name was L’Stre and was pleased to meet him.

He was still curious about other creatures in this area asked Negarsh to list and describe all the creatures to be weary of in this land. Negarsh began with the fiercest and most dangerous in this foreign land. Negarsh said that the most dangerous are in the dungeon just north of town. The worst is the cursed Ettin. This creature is monstrously big and wields a heavy club to beat his enemies down. It has two heads and a large sack slung over his shoulder. It is said that the bag holds the heads of his dead victims. Negarsh said that he thought that the bag wasn’t filled with heads, but instead was filled with great treasures that none of this land has ever seen before. Negarsh shook his head and explained that L’Stre would not be able to battle this horrid creature any time soon. Negarsh said it would take great strength to beat this foe, and to come ill equipped would only ensure a quick and messy death.

Negarsh moved onto the next creature, the Bugbear. This creature looked like a fat human that uses a spiked club as a weapon. These creatures maybe big and fat but they are quick and powerful. It is told that these are no humans. Instead are deadly creatures that were created by the evil Gran-Kain to infiltrate and murder the Human and Jecka, I mean Elven races. One problem in the making of these beasts was that he failed to realize how intelligent Elves and Humans were and created the Bugbears as dumb creatures and therefore could never intertwine with the Humans. The bugbears were almost wiped out of creation by the Humans. A few remaining ran to dungeons and hid in the large wasteland to keep from being hunted further, and started to increase in numbers once again. The creatures also guard the layer of the great Ettin. They swarm in and out of the layer. These Bugbears are said to have dropped magnificent armors and large amounts of adena. Negarsh was not too sure though because he was far too weak to hunt these beasts, and he had ill feelings for the vile humans so why would he help them. L’Stre was already stunned at hearing the description of only two of the creatures that walked in this land terrified him.

The next creature Negarsh started to explain was a large lizard that had a large horn on its forehead. The creature is huge in size, and many lengths of men. This creature is generally found northwest and southeast of town in the forest. In the same area roam the giant green ogres and trolls. Both are fierce warriors that can crush an individual with one blow from their axe.

L’Stre again sat stunned, when all of a sudden his keen elf ears heard a crack. He silence Negarsh quickly. He snagged up the little creature by the back of its pants and leapt up into the Elm tree that stood near. Negarsh was trembling with fear, but for some reason L’Stre sat perfectly still. All of a sudden across the open hillside at the tree line he could see a bald green head bobbing in the treetops. He pointed to the head and quietly asked Negarsh what it was. Negarsh squinted and gasped. He slowly gurgled and told L’Stre that this was an Ogre he spoke of. Negarsh said to be very quiet and not to move. He said they were fierce and deadly warriors and could hear the slightest sound and see any little movement. Negarsh said though that they were very dumb and were bred to be warriors and not thinkers. L’Stre raised his bow and pointed towards the direction in the trees where the Ogre was walking. Negarsh quickly reached up and grabbed a hold of his arm, and shook his head no. Negarsh explained that this creature would tear the both of them apart. They were no match for such a beast, at least not yet. L’Stre lowered his bow and sat still.

The sun had shifted across the sky significantly before the Ogre, was to be surely far enough away to call it safe. The two new found friends jumped down from the Elm tree, and stretched the discomfort out of their muscles. L’Stre put his hand on Negarsh’s shoulder and told him that it would be wise for him to gather up the weapons he would need, this country would be too dangerous to wonder in unarmed. Negarsh agreed and picked up his little sword and one of his friends swords. L’Stre was still curious as to what the name of the weapon was. He asked Negarsh what the name was and Negarsh said it was a Broadsword. He explained that Hobgoblins carried two. L’Stre frowned in wonderment, he asked him what a Hobgoblin was. He went on about Hobgoblins being Goblins that were skilled at being fighters. These Hobgoblins carry two Broadswords and are very dangerous with them. They are a lot stronger then normal Goblins. Negarsh also said that when a normal Goblin has reached a peak in its strength and wisdom it would go through a ritual. This ritual would last a week. A Goblin would go deep into the woods and sit in a clearing and wait. What they wait for he did not know, but he did know when they returned from the ritual the once green Goblin returned as a pinkish Hobgoblin. The Hobgoblin would be fierce, proud, and very wise. They would then receive their second Broadsword. L’Stre was happy to be learning about his new friends culture. He was still unsure how a creature could transform its skin tone and muscle build in a mere week. Negarsh could not explain it either it just was he said. He smiled this time not evil like he had done when they attacked. L’Stre laughingly asked why he was smiling. Negarsh said well if you run into these Hobgoblins it might do good to know how to speak to them so they do not attack as we attacked. He agreed and prodded at Negarsh what he should do. Negarsh said to say Ishkar T’nuk. In Negarsh’s language that meant hail friend, this would get their attention and keep them from initially attacking. L’Stre was grateful for this information. He looked at Negarsh and asked what he should do after he said the phrase to keep them from attacking when he had no reply afterwards. Negarsh told him to say L’Stre is kin to Prince Negarsh Heshrut. L’Stre went pale; he was in the presence of royalty and had no clue. He went to one knee and apologized for his insolence. Negarsh said not to bother with the formality; he hated being prince and would rather not be burdened with such acts. He said he was no better then anyone else and didn’t deserve the treatment. L’Stre was still shocked at his new friends stature.

Negarsh reached into his pocket and pulled a medallion on a chain from it. It was a round not very thick piece of a dull rusty complexion. On the front and back held a design of a flame type crown with a type of language L’Stre had never seen before. It was a symbol of the House of Heshrut and the lettering was an ancient form of Gobleesh. It said, “All weary bow to the house of Heshrut and fear our anger”. L’Stre was stunned at what the meaning of such harsh words could be. Negarsh said it wasn’t meant to be taken as a threat but more on the lines of a warning. He said to wage war on his family is to be a dire mistake. L’Stre understood because his family was the same way.

He was happy to have met Negarsh. He told Negarsh he had to be on his way to get stronger so he could return to his home. Negarsh understood because he was on the same mission. He told him to not be a stranger and if he wanted to meet his family to venture to a place called Talking Island. This place was far and across a vast sea, it would be a long journey and possibly dangerous. L’Stre said he would have to make that venture, because it would be a great honor to meet his people and see Negarsh’s culture with his own eyes. They said their farewells and headed off in different directions.

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