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Lineage 2: Journeys.. Life in Aden.


It had been several days since L’Stre had killed the men. He knew what he did was right, and he had no choice. He still felt bad with himself about doing it though.

L’Stre had been hunting the last couple days; he killed four Orc Warriors, two werewolves, and seven orcs. His total of adena now was three thousand one hundred and twenty-two. From one of the werewolves he received a nice piece of Scale Mail. He quickly took off his leather armor and placed it in his pouch so that he could save it. After he had killed the second werewolf he had collected a nice long sword from the beast. He was really happy with the loot he was receiving from the animals he was killing. He hung a baldric over his shoulder and his neck so that it would hold the scabbard perfectly over his left hip. He then slid the long sword home into the scabbard. With his short bow and Orcish dagger, he now had a long sword in his arsenal. He was not too sure about using a sword though; his family skill was mainly in the art of the bow. His father and uncles however did always carry mail breakers with them; they weren’t as long as a sword, but not as short as a knife or dagger. L’Stre promised himself though in time he would become skilled with all forms of weapons.

Back in town L’Stre searched for the man who he heard would teleport him to Silver Knights Town. He had traveled all over Hidden Valley and now wanted to see more parts of this place the humans called Aden. He finally found Illdrath in the center of town standing and waiting. He walked up to the gentleman and asked if he could please send him to Silver Knights Town. The man nodded, and raised his hands and let them drop. L’Stre was enveloped in a light glow and a great whoosh sound echoed for a moment and he appeared in a new town he had never seen before.

He now stood next to a shop that was selling all kinds of goods. People running and walking all over town, some talking, some not. He was astonished at how many humans were about. Afraid some of them might treat him like he was treated in Hidden Valley he kept himself prepared for any problems. He walked south to a little fellow standing next to a tree. He had never seen anyone like this before. He thought to himself that this did look like a human but it had the features of one just smaller. He asked the little man what his business was. The man replied that he is a storage dwarf and for a fee of thirty adena he will hold your stuff and you can pay when you pick it up. L’Stre stood shocked, a dwarf, he heard of many tales of dwarves being great miners and metal workers. He thought to himself for a moment and decided he would entrust his leather armor to this dwarf for safekeeping. He did not want to just throw away an item that had been in his family for several lifetimes. He handed the item to the dwarf and asked if he would hold it, the dwarf smiled and nodded and said he would. The dwarf reminded him that if he wanted to pick it up it would cost him thirty adena.

L’Stre noticed a weapons shop southeast of town. He wanted to have a look at what items this place had for sale so he went in. Inside he noticed a wide variety of weapons, from bows to swords to spears. Off to the side there were two huge barrels one filled with wooden arrows and the second filled with silver arrows. He looked at his half empty quiver and decided he would fill the rest of his quiver up with silver arrows. He walked up to the counter and asked if he could get 20 adena worth of arrows. The merchant walked over to the container and retrieved the allotted amount. L’Stre pitched the coinage across the counter to the merchant who happily took the adena. L’Stre then put the arrows into his quiver and slung the quiver back over his shoulder. The merchant smiled and asked if he would like a new bow instead of that short bow he carried around. He asked him how much the bow would cost; the merchant replied only fifty adena. He asked to see this bow that would cost him fifty adena, and the merchant handed him a bow that was a bit longer then the bow he carried. He knew this would improve the power of the arrow and allow him much more distance on his shots. He tossed the merchant another fifty adena. With his new bow slung over his shoulder he began on his journey.

L’Stre dodged in and out of people as he made his way out of town. He could not believe how hasty and inconsiderate some people could be. Several people bumping into him and giving him rude looks as they hurry by. Finally when he had reached the northwest exit of town he was pleased to be getting away from all these people. He headed in the direction the merchant had told him which was northwest to Gludio Estates, he would venture slightly out of his way to stay clear of danger. This path would lead him to Woodbec first. Gludio Estates was where the famous slime races were held. These slimes races were put on by orcs of all creatures, he could not believe that humans even allowed them in town let alone run a business. He would have to see the spectacle before he could come to a conclusion though, he thought to himself that if other races had kind folk, then maybe even orcs had decent individuals mixed in with the scum of the land.

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