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Lineage 2: Journeys.. Life in Aden.


Richard thought his things were getting to heavy, so he decided to head back to town so that he could travel to Silver Knights Town. On his way back to town he was heading through forests and little open meadows. The land was quite serene, the wildflowers and open wheat fields golden with beauty. Halfway through the tall wheat grass he could here something walking beyond him. He could not quite tell how far it was though. The wheat grass being eye height on him, he had a hard time seeing anything in front of him. He withdrew his sword from its scabbard, doing it very quietly as to not draw attention to himself. What ever it was walking was making a lot of noise. He could see the tree line ahead about forty-five paces, the darkness from the shade casting down upon the golden brilliance. He could tell for sure that the noisemaker was not inside the tree line because it was echoing off of the tree line. He came up south from the noise along the tree line, staying just inside the darkness to not be seen. When he got to a little opening in the trees that let light shed through he could see out about ten paces in the wheat field a troll plodding down the tree line. Richard howled at the troll getting its attention, yearning for battle but being careful not to get over confident. The troll half turned and grinned wickedly at the human in his. Richard tore out of the tree line toward the beast with a large battle-axe in its hand. The troll reached into its pocket and pulled a green haste potion out and drank it down. It chucked the empty glass vial at Richard with deadly intent, missing only a little bit high. The green flash appeared and disappeared like it normally did as the troll picked up a quick pace. Still its large mass could not keep up with Richard’s pace. Swinging the battle-axe at Richard, he dodged it with ease as the melee attacked missed to the right. Richard returned the attack, with an attack just as dangerous. Richard too missed as the troll ducked under the frenzied attack. Both coming to a skidding stop, each turned to come towards each other with weapons held high in the air. Each again missed as the other dodged. Skidding to a stop the troll again turned and charged forward with his rather large battle-axe. Richard this time did not turn and attack. Instead he stood tall and turned, with his blade in a defensive position. He decided being hasty in his movements and trying to kill this creature to quickly was a bad idea. A warrior makes his moves cool and calculated. The troll bringing his axe down with passion, meant to cleave his opponent in two. The troll however made a mistake; he was overconfident and underestimated his opponent. Richard brought his sword up and caught the axe just under its blade on the handle and stopped the attack. The troll was astonished a mere human was gaining dominance in this battle. Richard reached up with a hard uppercut drilling the troll square in the chin. Staggering back the troll was nearly knocked unconscious from the heavy blow of the fist. Richard brought his sword around and sliced through the midsection of the troll. The troll stood tall with his eyes white and wide with disbelief. The troll split in two with the upper half his body falling while the legs still stood. The troll had met his demise, because of being to overconfident. Richard reached down and plucked up the trolls pouch. In it contained three red lesser healing potions, one orange healing potion, and three dark green greater haste potions. Richard picked up the battle-axe and mounted a sheath over his shoulder so he could carry it easily. Richard did however notice that this creature did not have a money purse. Disappointed he had not netted any profit off of the troll he kicked the beast rather hard, it didn’t matter though since the creature was surely dead.

Weary from battle Richard did not want to run into town. He pulled out a scroll of teleportation to Hidden Valley Town. He thought of the place he wanted to be and whoosh with a wonderful sound he appeared back into town. He thought no matter how many times he did that, he sure would never get use to that damned noise and feeling. Spotting the person he wanted to see, he headed over to him. He is a pristinely gifted man, his name is Illdrath, and he is a Magician from the Ivory Tower. These people set in each town in Aden waiting for individuals who want to travel. They charge a specific fee to everyone according to which town they want to travel too. Oddly enough the teleporter here in Hidden Valley Town does not charge a fee to travel to Silver Knights Town and vice versa. He smiled at the wizards face and told him his destination. The Magician was reluctant to send him on his way; again with a whoosh he was at his destination. Silver Knights town was always busy with people rushing about. Very seldom did you ever see any one other then knights here. This was there town started by Gerard. He made this town just for the knights so that they could train and become strong.

Instead of wasting more time then he wanted to, he headed down to the dwarf. He handed the dwarf five thousand of the gold adena pieces, and the battle-axe he took off the troll. He would sell it later to someone who had some use for it. The dwarf told him that it would cost thirty pieces of adena to retrieve each item in the future. Richard nodded knowingly. With all his stuff stored it was time to rest and then begin hunting. He headed back to the teleporter in Silver Knights Town. This teleporter’s name is Drist. Drist teleported Richard back to Hidden Valley. He stood a moment collecting his wits like usual when he thought about what he promised himself he would get. HE FORGOT HIS BOOTS.

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