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Lineage 2: Journeys.. Life in Aden.


After meeting his new friend, Richard was in a very pleasant mood. He was still in mock belief about the gift L’Stre had given him. He knew L’Stre was a good man by the look in his eyes. He could also feel that this man was very powerful and a lethal warrior, even if this elf was still a novice. He knew he would meet up with Warrior L’Stre again eventually. He just hopes it will be on the same side again for he fears that this elf would end him far to easily.

Richard ventured up to the northwestern part of the island. He knew this to be where basilisks, ogres, trolls, and orcs called home. He had fled from this region before, with his life just barely held in grasp. This time though he felt different, after eating the piece of fruit he had been given he somehow felt stronger then before. He was more assured with his sword firmly gripped in his hand. He ran through the forest to his destination, he was ready and willing for battle. His two handed sword that his brother had given him at his end was his to command. When his brother parted in this world, mortally wounded from battle he bestowed his long sword into Richard’s possession. Richard held the two handed sword dear to his heart.

Richard loved his brother dearly, when his brother went off to fight against the pretender king, Richard was devastated. He was afraid he would never be able to play and talk with his brother again. Richard was ever so proud he was to have been little brother to Kagge, First Knight to Prince Hesserk. Richard always wrote letters telling him of how he will also be first knight, and how he will make his brother proud. Little did Richard know, was that his brother was proud of him ever since he was born. His brother knew of his potential, and trained him in swordplay as he called it. Richard didn’t know that his brother was teaching him his first steps at being a warrior. When Richard was born his brother could feel the aura of Richard’s soul, the great power that it carried. Kagge knew for a fact that Richard would be a Great Swordsman. There was something slightly different about his aura that he could feel though, something mystical Kagge never felt before. That is how he knew Richard would be so special.

When his brother returned it was in the back of a wagon under many blankets. His brother received a wound to his stomach, which eventually ended his life. His brother asked his coach to hurry, that he did not have much time to live. He wanted only to see his brother for the last time, and to give his little brother his trusted sword. When Richard’s brother was removed from the wagon and placed in their hut. Richard ran to his brother’s side in tears wondering when his brother would be better, when he rushed up and saw the blood soaked blankets and his brother’s pale face, he knew it would never happen. His brother took the hilt of the sword and laid it across Richard’s arms. Richard wept with happiness and sadness that day, for his brother to give him such a gift was the best thing in life. Then to lose him that same moment as the sword dropped into his arms. Richard let loose across the breeze his farewell to his brother, and that he would make him proud, but again Richard never knew how proud his big brother was of him. Kagge knew from Richard’s birth that he would be ten times the Warrior he himself was.

Sword in hands, Richard ran, ran as fast as he could. He reached into his pouch and pulled a metallic purple potion out. A Bravery Potion he calls it. He downed the liquid quickly, over his head came the distinct sound of the bravery potion working as the light shimmered and disappeared. He moved even quicker then before. Again he reached into his pouch and pulled another potion, this time it was a green haste potion. He drank this quickly also, this time a green light flashed and disappeared. How it was possible he could move two times faster then he had before was unknown, but he didn’t care. When he left the forest into the clearing he could see his target. It was an ogre four times his size, with his new found strength and the speed of the potions, Richard knew this ogre would fall. He ran up behind the ogre and started wailing on him with his two handed sword, making precision swipes. The ogre swept his large axe slowly but ever so powerfully at Richard, he jumped to the side immediately as the axe crashed into the ground. With the axe of the ogre stuck in the ground, Richard saw his opportunity. He came down with something fierce on the ogre’s arm. No sound came from the ogre, but Richards’s sword was now on the ground. The ogre smiled at Richards’s unlucky outcome. Somehow in the swing Richard had lost holding of the hilt of his sword, and it fell away from him. As the ogre lifted his axe arm to bring his axe back up to take another swing, something odd happened. The axe was still stuck in his hand, and it stayed in the ground. Yet from mid forearm up his arm still rose. Green blood spewed from the sliced off limb and the ogre screamed. Richard grabbed up his sword and raced for the distraught ogre. He took his sword and placed the tip of the blade directly into the ogre’s belly, turned to his side and ripped the sword forcefully forward. Richard had just cleaved the ogre nearly in half. The ogre fell onto his side still screaming from pain, when Richard came up standing over him with sword drawn up. Richard came down with his sword removing the ogre’s head from its neck. The ogre was dead.

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