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Lineage 2: Journeys.. Life in Aden.


After the moon had shifted over the sky greatly the human started to move a little. Finally opening his eyes and wiping the sleep from them he looked over and saw L’Stre sitting watch with an arrow knocked and dagger in hand. The bow was pointing right at the human. Again L’Stre asked Friend or Foe. This time without shaking as much he said friend. He then put the bow over his shoulder and replaced the arrow into its quiver, yet he still kept the dagger in hand. He said well “friend” what might your name be? The human snickered at the way L’Stre used the word friend, and replied fear me none elf that his name be Richard. He was stunned that the human knew what he was and did not scorn or attack him for being such. He looked over his shoulder and back into the Gray eyes of Richard and said that his name is L’Stre. The human smiled and said that he was ever so glad to have met him when he did. He had just fought an ogre and had run out of healing potions and was fleeing for his life. L’Stre laughed and said that was fleeing? The knight snickered and said yeah and I seemed to have lost the enormous beast.

L’Stre reached into his pouch and pulled a fruit from his pouch. He offered it to the human and the human replied please no I have sickness to apples. L’Stre looked at him puzzling and said what is an apple? The human laughed at his ignorance and said well it is a fruit and that be it. L’Stre said no, this is no “apple” this is the Fruit of an Ent it has healing powers. He tossed it to Richard and told him to eat it to recover. Richard looked over the piece of fruit, he was astonished that this piece of fruit looked just like an apple but it wasn’t. Richard looked at him for a moment and said I have heard of Ents, they watch the borders of the Elven Forest. I hear they are great powerful guardians to you elves. L’Stre nodded to the truthfulness of the statement. Richard asked if the Ents were as ferocious as he was told in the past. L’Stre was upset to here Ents being labeled like a smelly Orc and replied no that they were gentle tree guardians that help out the elves in day-to-day life. Richard shrugged his shoulders, and said that he figured that they were peaceful creatures except when pushed to far. L’Stre was happy to hear these words coming from a race that he was told was so less civilized then his own. He would never judge another individual like he had Richard again. Richard finally had taken a large bite out of the fruit. A white glow lit up the pre-dawn woods. All of the wounds had instantly healed on Richard. He jumped up really quick in amazement. He looked bewildering to L’Stre and said that it healed him just like a greater healing potion. He asked him if he had ever seen the price of a greater healing potion. L’Stre stared at him absently and replied no. Richard said ye’ gads m’lad they are expensive and it worked just like one. L’Stre smiled at the great improvement in Richard, and told him not to worry that he had 4 more in his pack. Richard looked astonished when he told him this. You have 4 more m’lad my goodness. L’Stre told him that the elves use them for healing and for making what they call elven wafers. They are a cracker type food that gives elves extra stamina and speed boost. He told him that they are like the haste spell he received in town but slightly different. Richard nodded and said that knights also have a specific potion that does the same thing. It is called a potion of emotion and the type is bravery. It gives extra stamina and gives a speed boost also. He said magicians have a potion of emotion too, but its type is wisdom. It helps them cast harder spells with more chance of it successfully casting. L’Stre was thinking that these humans were not that much different then his Elven kin.

Richard was about to continue on his journey when he stopped himself. He turned and looked at his new Elven friend when he realized he never compensated L’Stre for his generosity in such a pristine gift that he had given him. He said my friend I need to repay you for the gift you have given me. Richard reached into his pouch and pulled out 5 scrolls. L’Stre looked at him not knowing what Richard was trying to give him. What are these he asked? Richard said well two of these scrolls are escape scrolls. They are made by magic; they will instantly teleport you to the nearest township. These other three are magically bound to return you to the Hidden Valley town. If you do not exceed the strength of these scrolls they will return you from anywhere and bring you back to the town here in Hidden Valley. L’Stre stood in awe at such a wonderful gift, and replied that he couldn’t take them. Richard said oh yes you can m’lad because the gift you gave me is far more expensive then these. L’Stre blushed and thanked him for his generous gift. Richard shrugged and said you do for me and I will do for you, it was nice to meet you noble elf I will see you around. L’Stre stood tall and proud at being called noble by a human. He waved and said he would see him around too, noble Human.

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