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Lineage 2: Journeys.. Life in Aden.


His keen ears picked up movement that was not particularly dangerous but nonetheless it was something moving in the vicinity of his hearing. Elves have peculiar eye site, it is much greater then that of the human. At night though the Elves have a different perception then any other known creature in the world. Their eyes sort of magically set so that the light that is present is illuminated. They don’t see as they would during the day, but more on the lines of a foggy dark day. Elves become disoriented at dusk though; it’s hard for their eyes to get use to the night and usually takes them several moments to collect their wits. As elves get older though they become more adapt at the change and need less time to focus.

L’Stre focused his eyes in the direction of the sound, peering over the fallen tree. He cursed himself for not being able to see what was causing the noise; if it were day he would be able to see it easily. By the sound the creature was making he could tell that it was at least one hundred to one hundred and twenty paces off. The creature was heading in the opposite direction from him, which made the tension he was experiencing lessen.

Wanting to find out what was making the noise he threw his bow over his shoulder and pulled the Orcish dagger from its sheath. Wanting to practice stealth he crept through the woods to the southern side of the creature down wind of course as to not alert this creature to his presence. For never hunting before L’Stre was doing it ever so well. He was always good at hide and seek when he was younger, no one could ever keep their ears or eyes pinned on him. He could dart through the forest without making much of a sound at all. This also was part of his fathers training; he never knew his father teaching him a game would come in so handy. He finally felt that he was walking parallel to the creature he was tracking and slowed his pace slightly. He could tell he was nearly within twenty to twenty-five paces now. He could not quite make out what it was he was following but whatever it was, was very clumsy and about his size. The thing sounded like it was dragging a weapon, maybe a sword or axe behind it. He closed the distance until he was ten paces to the creatures left. That’s when he noticed it wasn’t just any creature but a human. He looked extremely tired dragging its rather large sword behind him. Ever so quietly L’Stre crept up behind the man and raised his dagger up. He snatched the man from behind kicking the sword from the man’s weary hands. He put one arm across his chest holding him and placed the dagger against the right side of his throat. He brought his face up to the side of the man’s head and whispered in his ear with deadly intent, friend or foe. The man was paralyzed; terrified from head to toe that he was about to have a dagger, hilt deep into his neck. The man shook something fierce and stuttered out a friend reply. L’Stre let the man go and pushed him away to put distance between the two individuals now standing face to face. L’Stre peered at the man, noticing cuts, bruises, and tears in the man’s chain mail. The man had a furious black eye forming around his left eye. It was all the man could do to stand there. Then all of a sudden he teetered back and forth and fell on his back. L’Stre gave a laugh and went to the man’s side and sat.

While the human slept, L’Stre was wondering how the man would react when he awoke to be in he presence of an elf. He was taught when he was a mere elfling that humans and elves generally didn’t get along to well. He also knew when ever a human ventured into the Elven Forest that the guardians would tell them to leave and if they didn’t, they would attack them. The guardians, who are Fairies led by the Fairy Queen, Pans, Arachne, and Ents, were powerful creatures capable of killing the fiercest warrior with one blow. They are also gentle; they help by giving items to the elves of need. Like Pan’s Mane, or Twigs from the Ent Tree. L’Stre still stood very cautious over this human he was now protecting. Wondering what was the greater danger, the unconscious human in front of him, or the things wondering in the darkness around him. Arrow knocked and dagger in the hand holding the bow, he stood guard of both dangers.

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