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Lineage 2: Journeys….Life in Aden


Chapter 3

While wondering through the forest L’Stre came up to another Orc. This one was different. It had a great sword, heavy armor, and a helm. He was told about Orcs like these, this was one of their warriors, a hierarchy in the Orcish Horde. He decided he would take a chance and try to rid this wonderful land of this despicable creature. L’Stre knocked an arrow like he had done before, this time though it was one of the silver arrows. L’Stre drew the target in, took aim and let the arrow fly. Knowing that one silver arrow would not stop this great fighter, he quickly knocked and released another arrow. Both arrows landed in the Orcs chest. The Orc Warrior turned and smiled an evil grin that would make anything cringe in fear. Green blood oozed out and down the arrow shafts. It appeared that the arrows went only about 2-3 inches in past the heavy mail the Orc was wearing. Quickly he knocked another silver arrow and let it fly. He repeated the process two more times. The Orc still stood forty to fifty paces away grinning. L’Stre was starting to get fearful that he took on a load he could not carry. The Orc could obviously see the fear in his eyes and let out a blood curdling scream and started to walk towards him. L’Stre didn’t know what to do, and then it hit him. He also let out a scream of war and knocked another arrow and let it fly, by now the Orc was charging at him closing the distance quickly. The Orc was nearly ten paces off when the arrow struck. The Orc then tripped and fell forward slightly spinning in the air, the Orc landed on its back and slid to the feet of L’Stre. He looked down and grinned at the dead Orc at his feet. The arrow stuck right above his right eye just under the Orcish Helm he was wearing. The grotesque green blood pooled up in the Orc Warrior’s eye. L’Stre kicked the beast for good measure, but he already knew it was dead.

This Orc had a purse on him also, but a lot larger. He snatched it up and put it in his own small bag at his side. The armor was too heavy for L’Stre to maneuver efficiently in and fire his bow properly so he left it on the Orc. However he took the Orcs helm and put it on, it fit loosely since the Orc had such a larger head then he did. He noticed a dagger at the Orc’s waste; he tore the sheath and dagger from the Orcs belt. He took the dagger from the sheath and awed at such horrible craftsmanship. He knew daggers were piercing weapons but he still used it to cut a leather strap from the Orcs dirty deer hide pants. He fixated the strap to the helm so that it would stay put and protect him somewhat. L’Stre knew he had to gather items because his leather armor and short bow would not suffice in this new world.

He could not stand the smell of the Orc Warrior, it was much worse then the Orc he had encountered earlier in the day. So he ventured deeper into the woods until he found a tree that lay on the ground. He sat up onto the tree and retrieved the purse from his pouch. He opened it up and counted the pieces of adena he had retrieved from the vial Orc. He had to count the lot three times before he believed he had the amount he counted. In total the purse contained two hundred and thirty seven pieces of adena. Amazed at the amount of adena the Orc carried he nearly fell off the tree. That brought his total count up too two hundred and sixty pieces. Now he carries, an Orcish dagger, short bow, a quiver of silver arrows, leather armor, and an Orcish helm. Not to mention the two hundred and sixty pieces of adena he had.

The haste spell that was cast upon L’Stre began to fade; he could feel his muscles start to tire rapidly. He really didn’t notice how much stamina and speed the haste spell had given him, or how much he had exerted himself. Then all of a sudden it was gone and he was so tired he could barely move. It was dusk and he decided here would be as good as any place to take a time to sleep. With dusk coming down upon him L’Stre knew Orcs liked the night better to hunt in, so he made himself sleep lightly.

Elves were known to have several stages of sleep that they could partake in. He focused himself into the first stage of sleep, which was light, and he could still unconsciously hear the things around him and decipher if it is dangerous or not. He was asleep for quite a time, when he was startled awake.

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