Lineage 2: Lineage II Battle Tournament Div 1 and 2 results with replays


I was lucky enough to be invited to be a spectator for the Lineage II Battle Tournament.

On Friday night the Division 1 field had been narrowed down to Uprising (Bartz), who defeated Exo and Synergy, and Divine (Hindemith), who only had to defeat Stygian as they had recieved a first round bye. During the pre-battle period, Narem and DurealFirali seemed to have an idea as to what fate lay in store for them, and they made light of the situation with a “Leeeeerooooy Jennnnnkinnnnns!” cry.

Round 1 looked to be an fairly even match-up, until the first couple of Divine members fell, and then the rest of the team was wiped out in short order.

In Round 2, Uprising jumped to an early lead, eliminating 2 of Divine’s 3-man teams before finaly losing one of their own. Divine’s hopes of coming back were short-lived however, as the next trio from Uprising was a force to be reckoned with, and in Round 3 it was evident why.

The 1v1 Battles in Round 3 were nothing more than a display of power on the part of Texana of Uprising. Texana, a member of the devastating 3-man team from Round 2, almost single-handedly won the round, defeating 4 of the 5 opponents necessary for victory. After falling to the 5th and final member of Divine’s team, Fur0bat came in and finished it off.

With a 3 round sweep, Uprising is a strong contender for the Championship.

Uprising is the Blue Team and Divine is the Red Team in the replays.

Pre-Battle Buffing

Div 1 Round 1

Div 1 Round 2

Div 1 Round 3 Pt. 1

Div 1 Round 3 Pt. 2

Saturday night’s contests were between Bartz (Bartz) and Dawn (Bartz) which explains the familiar tone that some of the post-battle chat had to it, hehe. Bartz defeated Outcast and Apocalyptic to get to the finals, and Dawn defeated Circles of Shadow and EVINCIO.

Round 1 opened with Bartz laying waste to Dawn in much a similar fashion that I had seen Uprising dispatch Divine with the night before.

Round 2 was possibly the best match that I have seen to this point. After falling behind, losing 2 3-man teams in a row, Dawn’s final team mounted a 3-win streak finish to capture the Round and avoid elimination.

Round 3 saw members from both teams fall, until Zoj of Bartz entered the arena. Showing great skill and power, Zoj defeated 3 of Dawn’s team to finish out the matches, and secure the win for Bartz. If I had to chose a dream match-up for the 1v1 it would be Zoj versus Texana.

Bartz is the Blue Team and Dawn is the Red Team for these replays.

Div 2 Round 1

Div 2 Round 2

Div 2 Round 3

Congratulations to all the competitors and Thank you to the Lineage II Team for allowing me to be there!

See you all next weekend for Div 3 and 4!

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