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Lineage 2: Lineage II Chronicles: Book One – Diary of the Moon


The stout woman sitting in her rocking chair, gray hair within a ponytail
that ran over her shoulders down her chest and lay within her lap loosely.
The children smiled up to her softly wrinkled face giving little hugs upon
her leg. Each one was the brightest light of her day. “Oh hello there
kids,” her soft gentle voice came to them. She gave a look up to the
armor-clad woman standing in the doorway. Smiling down at the children and
then to the woman sitting in the chair. “And what brings you two fine
looking children around these parts?” Her eyes left the one in the doorway
and down to the smiling children.

Desiree was the youngest. Her small cheeks and thin lips showed the family
genes perfectly. She was only 8 years old and already showing off her
ability to be a leader, always leading her older brother around with very
“persuasive” tactics. She was the devious one and was usually at fault when
a good prank was the cause, which she calls “military warfare”. Her older
brother was Kahna. He was stronger and a rough little boy. He is very
protective of his sister though. At age 6 he already wanted to use a sword
like his mother and father and now at age 10 he already had a great
understanding of combat much better than most kids who were 5 years to 8
years older than him. But deep down he was still a child at heart. Always
playing games with his little sister. “Mama said we can come visit you
while she and Papa went to the field,” Kahna explained. He gave Desiree a
look and grinned. It seemed Desiree already had the next words coming from
her mouth in planned intervals.

” We were hoping that you could tell us more stories please Grandma,” It
never seemed to stop amazing her at how well Desiree was at the tongue. It
was almost uncanny because no one had taught her. It just came natural to
her. It was as if she was tapping into her Gift at will, and at times she
thought that the little girl did know what she was doing. Desiree was born
with the gift. She could be ascended into any class of magic guild she
wanted. Desiree always said that she liked helping others, and that is
probably why she figured she would grow up to be an Elder.

It was a nice warming smile that they were graced with from the thin lips of
the woman. “Very well little ones I will tell you a wonder that your ears
and imagination has never witnessed.” Of course she knew what the little
children wanted, but she surely liked to lull them into false control, to
nurture their talents. The woman at the door sat down in the chair across
the room, crossing her left leg across her right knee and cupping her hands
upon her left knee. Watching with a smile upon those familiar family lips.
Her bronze armor glistening in the light of the fireplace and the candles as
she also paid good attention to the words that would come forth. The
children were happy as happy could be. Sitting down on the bear-skin rug,
crossing their tiny little legs and putting their little elbows in their
laps to help hold their attentive heads.

“Well like every good story this one as well begins with a tradition that
human cultures have brought forth. Like every good story this one is filled
with promises of legends and danger. Mystery and wonder cross the vastness
of its words and into the hearts of imagination. Like every good story this
has love and pain wrapped up in a twist tale of fate and just. ” As her
words left her lips the kids eyes already were open in awe. Giving glances
to the young woman across the room grinning as well wanting to know just
what would be said. “This story is about a young warrior who was caught
between her duty and her morale. She had to choose rather her loyalty to
the crown was more important to her loyalty to herself. She was unsure and
this uncertainty was what made her to be known as the Hero of her people.
Betrayal, discord it is truly a story that could not be ignored. Are you
kids still sure you want to hear such a violent story?” Both of them in
unison nodded their heads with a gleeful smile upon their faces. They
couldn’t help but giggle and protested that they didn’t want any details
removed from the story. The old woman chuckled with a light soft sound and
held up her hand to hold off their pleading. “Okay, okay. Not one detail
will be removed from this story. Her hands searched around on the little
wooden table beside her as she grabbed her cup of warm tea. Sipping it some
to wet her mouth.

“As I said, like all good stories, this one began in the same fashion as all
of the greats. This one begins with the same 4 words that every one has
become so accustomed with. It begins simply as… Once Upon A Time”

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