Swords flailing wildly, the drow cared not for defense or survival. If he died it would only spare him pain. He charged from victim to victim swinging with all his might, every blow was a mortal wound. His movements were rigid and forced, not proper and fluid like they should have been. Then, in the midst of all the chaos an arrow lodged itself in his side and felled him to the ground.

Raeke awoke suddenly and tried to sit up, his attempts only met by a searing pain that radiated from the back of his head, hurtled down his spine, and enveloped his limbs. Wincing, Raeke groaned and let his head fall backwards limply. Slowly, Raeke shuffled down to get his head off of the hard tree root he had been using as a makeshift pillow. After waiting for the pain to subside Raeke tried to sit up again, but to no avail. Summoning all of his remaining strength he tried to sit up again, but a bolt of pain hurtled throughout his body and made him scream. His vision blurred, a black border forming around the edges of his sight. The darkness encased him and he fell back into unconsciousness.

Raeke awoke again, the sun was high overhead and compared to the puddle of a body he had been earlier, he felt much better. Raeke stood up easily and with only minor resistance from his muscles, stretched. Raeke walked around for a little while to get his blood flowing again. He was about average height for a dark elf at 6 ½ ft. His obsidian skin shone and he had long ago adjusted to the sunlight. Raeke had a muscular build and there was usually an air of certainty surrounding him. His flowing white hair ran about halfway from his back, and his pointed ears were titled slightly backward.

Gazing around Raeke slowly took in his surroundings, when he had last been in this forest he had been battling exhaustion and thus was only interested in finding a place to sleep. Quickly he had found a large moss covered tree root jutting up out of the soft earth and laid himself down. The sunlight penetrated the canopy in brilliant rays that provided enough light to see but still blocked the sun from direct view. The flowers had just bloomed and the air was filled with an array of wonderful smells and the leaves were all a perfect emerald green. The tree Raeke had slept under was only a few feet away from a small dirt path.

Raeke tried to remember what had brought him to the forest in the first place, but his mind was just a swirling mist of uncertainty. After searching his pack, Raeke located a canteen half full of water and hurriedly drank. The refreshing chill of the water revitalizing him, Raeke set off down the dirt path in search of answers.


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