Lineage 2: Some More Official Answers!

WarCry: Will we be able to choose what kind of Dragon we will find the egg? I have seen a screenshot of a beautiful white dragon, and I would like to know if we can have such a Dragon.
NCSoft: There are three fundamental types of Dragons which differ in their abilities. However, I think you are referring to the outward appearance of a Dragon. A Dragon will change form as it matures, first appearing as a pet dragon, upgrading to a land based dragon, tentatively known as Stryders and the last form being a flying dragon, tentatively known as Wyverns. You can ride on both the Stryders and Wyverns. Unfortunately, the white dragon you are referring to is an NPC monster, and not the type that you can raise. There are no plans to grant customizable dragons at this time.

WarCry: Do you plan to make a lineage 2 movie later? In how much time? (don’t need an exact date, just an approximation)
NCSoft: I am not certain of what you mean by “movie.” We do have several movie clips of in-game animations and battle scenes currently available through our website, but as for a feature length film, we currently have no plans.

WarCry: How works your magic system?
NCSoft: Broadly speaking, magic spells are acquired through books, and each use of magic takes up a set amount of MP (mana points). Magic skills operate essentially like any other skill in the game with different requirements to obtain the skill and sometimes to use the skill.

WarCry: any word on if they will have game cards?
NCSoft: Game cards such as Yu Gi Oh? While we certainly look at different mediums to best serve our fans, there are currently no plans to introduce Lineage 2 game cards. There is a plan to release game time cards, but that is still in the planning phase.

WarCry: Will the game be sold like Everquest and it has to be bought at stores like Best Buy, or Electronic Boutique?
NCSoft: Yes. The game will be available in a retail box, sold to retail outlets like EB or Best Buy. The game client will not be available through download like in Lineage I.

WarCry: Will there be more spell animations? (Much are reused)
NCSoft: We will be releasing the game only with the spell animations already in the game. This might be addressed in later updates, but I can’t promise anything at this time.

WarCry: Will there be another way to gain fully matured dragons (wyverns) other than being the leader of a castle?
NCSoft: Ownership of Wyverns is not limited to leaders of castles. However, only members of those clans who possess a castle can complete the quest to own Wyverns.

WarCry: Will there be a full karma system like in Lineage 1?
NCSoft: Yes. Though it does work slightly differently than the original system. Karma cannot be increased above zero, but unlawful actions (such as PKing) can decrease your karma into chaotic range.

WarCry: Will the characters run in the same manner as in the Korean Beta, or will they be given a more upright running animation?
NCSoft: There are no current plans to change the running animation.

WarCry: Will the character voices remain the same, or will there be new versions?
NCSoft: Voices will stay as they are.

WarCry: Will there be a “Roleplaying Rules” Server?
NCSoft: No, there is no roleplaying rules server planned for the initial release of Lineage II.

WarCry: Is there anything we can do to help you guys out? Specific feedback ect.?
NCSoft: I think the community as a whole is doing a great job of bringing up in-depth and very specific issues, just based on limited beta play, so just keep on rockin’ is the best response I can make.

WarCry: What are some of the changes you looking to make off the top from the Korean to the US version?
NCSoft: The game is still evolving. The Korean client is being updated on a regular basis, and I think many players will be surprised at what has changed since the Korean open beta and North American release.

WarCry: Like in Lineage:The Blood Pledge, will there be a certain level (e.g. 50) after which, every level up allow’s you to distribute 1 stat point? I liked this system as it made ppl strive to be higher lvl’s even more so then if there wasnt.
NCSoft: No.

Thanks to Leilo and Dhevrin for answering these Questions!

This info was received October 29, 2003.

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