Lineage 2: Travelling Through Chronicle 2 – Chapter #1


We have a new column up, and it’s written by someone who can’t write! Yup, me! In an attempt to grow excitement for the next large patch, I will be writing a few chapters of my travels through Chronicle 2. This will include places I visit, as well as general things I find out about C2.

If you have looked at the Patch Notes, then you will have a general idea of what’s to come. However, I look at some things more in depth, and take my own pictures so as to give you a crystal clear view of what to expect. I tell things as I see them, and my assumptions may differ from yours.

At any rate, in the first chapter, I take a look at all the new places in the gorgeous Innadril region. The column can be accessed through the left navbar, or by clicking here. After reading, you can discuss it or ask questions in our Chronicle 2 forum.

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