Lineage 2: WarCry’s Exclusive Lineage II Interview

Recently, the staff of Lineage II WarCry put together a Q&A for the North American developers of Lineage II. This interview looks over a range of issues facing current players.

WarCry Q&A: Lineage II
Questions by L2 WarCry Staff
Answers by Lineage II North America Dev Team

imageWarCry: Is NCSoft planning to introduce new dragons into the game, such as the ones that were in Lineage1?

L2 Dev Team: We currently have two raid level dragons in the game Antharas and Valakas. Both share ties to Lineage I. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of their friends show up in future updates, but there are no concrete plans or timeframe for inclusion in the game at this moment.

WarCry: We have seen a lot of content added to high levels and low levels, but the mid level range still remains unchanged. Is NCsoft planning to add any content in the mid level range?

L2 Dev Team: We continue to plan and create content for all levels of play as shown with the Chronicle 5 update. Interlude will be no different. Key features that benefit mid levels will be weapon augmentation system and the shadow weapon system. Weapon augmentation can be preformed on items of C grade or higher and can bestow benefits such as P.Atk, M. Atk., or even base player statistic increases. Shadow weapons are limited duration items that can be acquired when a player completes a class transfer quest.

WarCry: Are the rumors about server transfers and gender swapping true or not, and any more detail on it?

L2 Dev Team: Discussion about these services is ongoing. We have not yet made decisions on if and when these services will be available to our player base. More information on this topic will be distributed as soon as final plans are made.

WarCry: How will nation wars affect the servers and how will sides be divided for these wars?

L2 Dev Team: At this time we don’t have any specific details to share.

WarCry: With the new dueling system, some have said the game is moving away from its hardcore roots towards a style more palatable to the North American audience. How would you respond to this line of thought?

L2 Dev Team: I see the dueling system as an optional feature that enhances the game. Some players enjoy testing out skills and items with friends before using them in real combat. This system provides structure and convenience to allow this in a one on one or party versus party environment, and is not limited to a specific area like a dueling arena. Lineage II will continue to strive to be the elite player versus player MMO in the market.

imageWarCry: Does NCSoft have any plans to further differentiate between the healer classes such as Shielen Elders and Elven Elders?

L2 Dev Team: We tweak and add new skills and abilities to the playable classes with most major updates. Searching for a good balance and further defining each characters role. At this time, I don’t have any specific information about changes to the Shillien or Elven Elders.

WarCry: Many players complain that pets in the game are more of a play toy rather than an effective partner in PvP/PvE. Does NCsoft have any improvements in mind for pets?

L2 Dev Team: There are no changes to the pet system currently planned for the Interlude update.

WarCry: Currently most Castles in the game are owned by large powerful alliances, which makes winning a siege quite a challenge. What is the introduction of Fortresses intended to do to this dynamic?

L2 Dev Team: It takes equally strong alliances to defeat castles owned by powerful alliances. It’s challenging, but that’s part of the fun. I currently do not have any information to share about the Fortress system or what role it will play in the current castle siege system.

WarCry: Originally there were 13 Chronicles (or patches) planned for the game. Is this still the same, or has NCSoft changed its plans? And how often do you envision each Chronicle coming?

L2 Dev Team: We are still on track for many wonderful updates to the world of Lineage II. Our plan is to provide at least two major updates each year.

WarCry: With newer MMOs being launched virtually every other month, what plans does NCsoft have to stay above the competition?

L2 Dev Team: Yes, it’s a sign that the MMO industry is healthy. I think it is great that new MMOs are being launched virtually every month, although here have been less than a dozen games that have reached over 14 million customers like Lineage II. I can only really speak for Lineage II, but my view is our goal as a company is to continue to create premium quality products in the MMO game space. In addition, we provide exciting and new content at regular intervals for our existing products while supporting our game communities through website and in-game communication.

WarCry: When can we expect Interlude to become available on the PTS?

L2 Dev Team: Our goal is to have Interlude on the PTS before the end of the first quarter of 2007.

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