Awwww, look at the enormous kitty play with the little iPad.

Hiccup, creator of iPad Game for Cats, has shown its game to some big cats to find out if they like it as much as the small ones do. Aside from promoting its iPad game, Hiccup hopes to help raise some money for the sanctuary where the big cats live.

iPad Game for Cats is a simple but ingenious idea: an image of a mouse or a laser pointer dot appears on screen, and moves around under the cat’s nose. The cat chases the picture, leaving you free to watch the cat be adorable without actually having to do anything.

Hiccup filmed the video at the Conservators’ Center in Mebane, North Carolina. As well as the very recognizable lions and tigers – which come in both regular and white varieties – Hiccup got a tufted-eared caracal, the house-cat sized Geoffroy’s cats, and the spotted servels to play the game. They all seemed to like it, or at any rate, it held their attention. To be completely honest, the cats didn’t know they were helping to promote a game or that they were soliciting charitable donations, but I think that gives their performance a certain truth it might otherwise have lacked.

If you want to grab iPad Game for Cats, you can get pick it up via the Hiccup website. It’s free if you just want the laser pointer part, or a couple of bucks if you want the mouse as well. If you want to donate to the Conservators’ center, you can do so on the donation page of its website.

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