Looking For Fun Browser Games? Check Out The Escapist Arcade!

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The Escapist Arcade is out today, where you can play the hottest browser games curated by our staff – including Hatfall!

We here at The Escapist don’t just love playing games, we love sharing them so that others can try them. That’s why we’re launching an all-new section to our site: The Escapist Arcade. Produced alongside our sister site Addicting Games, The Escapist Arcade is a browser game portal that lets you quickly into new gaming experiences, and you can access it right now, right here.

So how exactly does The Escapist Arcade work? At any point when you’re browsing our exciting videos and articles, just click the “Arcade” link at the top of our site. From there, you’ll find a selection of titles perfect for a quick gaming fix, curated by The Escapist staff. Instead of forcing you to sift through thousands of browser games, we’ll narrow it down to titles we think you’ll enjoy, with new games featured every few weeks.

The Escapist Arcade is available today, just in time for the release of Yahtzee Crosshaw’s Hatfall. But you’ll also find unique games like the shooter Sniper Team 2, the stick puzzler Escaping the Prison, or the MMO Pocket Starships. The Escapist Arcade is currently a beta release, and will be expanding further with new games and features in the near future – but why wait? Check it out today, and let us know what you think! Happy gaming!

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