Lunar Legend Tsukihime Review

Lunar Legend Tsukihime: Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under The Crimson Air


Lunar Legend Tsukihime is a tangled web of mystery, intrigue and blood. Shiki Tohno’s life has never been normal. He was born with the gift and curse of being able to see the threads of life, and also has the ability to cut them. At an early age, a strange woman gave him special glasses, allowing him to lead a more normal life and view the world as others do. He managed to live a fairly normal life until his father died and his sister asks him to come back and live on the family estate.

On his way from school to his new home, he spots a blonde women in the park, and an irresistible urge to kill her overtakes him. With one slash from his pocket knife, he cuts through a thread of her life and she falls apart like bleeding pieces of shattered glass. He only vaguely remembers it, and thinks it is some kind of horrible dream, until she meets up with him one night and tells him that her name is Arcuied, and that, “You will take responsibility for killing me.”

imageThis is merely the beginning to a bizarre and sometimes horrifying story that stretches across three DVD’s. Mystery shrouds all as Shiki joins Arcuied in the battle against an old evil named Roa, and his sister’s strange behavior leads him to discover clues to a disturbing family secret. The first DVD, Life Threads, sets the attitude for the series, giving the audience a good dose of confusion but also enough clues and answers to keep them coming back for more. The second DVD, Lunar Dance, left me wondering if I was even watching the same series. It was less action packed and had more talking then I had expected, and a few of the key characters were acting so strangely I almost thought the author had just lost it when writing these episodes. They were still quite enjoyable but left me wondering what in the world was going on. The third DVD, Nocturnal Fate, cleared things up quite nicely, giving the answers for the strange behaviors in the second DVD. It was a spectacular conclusion that finally put together all the pieces of the puzzle together in one brilliant coherent solution.

Those seeking a light-hearted and easy to understand anime should stay away from Lunar Legend Tsukihime. However, those who wish for eye-popping plot twists and a stimulating story will want to check out this anime. This anime is also not recommended for anyone under the age of sixteen as it does contain some rather graphic violence. While it was not the goriest show I have ever seen, those who are squeamish about blood and death should stay away.

The animation in this series was very crisp and had a certain edge to it that made it stand out form other animes. My favorite aspect of this animation was when the viewer got to see the world through Shiki’s eyes. The world faded and fell into shadow like you were wearing sunglasses, covering everything with glowing red lines, pulsing to some kind of foreign heartbeat as the “camera” panned about in a shaky hand held effect to simulate Shiki looking around.

The music in Lunar Legend Tsukihime was brilliant and seductive. The opening and ending songs set the perfect mood and were so well done that even I, a person who almost always skips the intros and endings, couldn’t resist watching them multiple times. The voice acting was also very well done, perfectly synced and the voices suited the characters personalities very well.

imageThe Extras on the DVD’s leave a bit to be desired, while they do offer the option to watch the show in the original Japanese with English subtitles, they offer very little else. The first DVD includes a non-credit version of the opening, the second DVD has a non-credit version of the ending, and the third DVD has nothing special included at all. Also you can buy the first DVD with a special collector’s box that will hold the other two DVD’s. I would have liked to see some other special features such as character bios, episode synopsis, or even an interview with the creator.

Entertainment: 8
While this series was very well done, I have a feeling it might keep less patient viewers waiting a bit too long for answers. Also, the graphic violence will be a bit too much for those faint of heart. Granted, I thoroughly enjoyed this anime, it isn’t for everyone.

Technical/Extras: 4
The extras left a lot to be desired. A true fan of this series will not be sated with the mere two extras this three disc series offers. To give it some credit, it did at least come with a very pretty box when you bought the first disc.

Overall: 8

DVD Features: English Dialogue, Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles, Non-credit opening animation, Non-credit ending animation.

Tsukihime DVD 1 + Box

Tsukihime DVD 2

Tsukihime DVD 3

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