Made of Star Stuff: Carl Sagan Movie in the Works


Warner Bros. is developing a drama based on the life famed astrophysicist, Carl Sagan. The untitled drama is to be produced by his widow, Ann Druyan.

If you want to make a movie about Carl Sagan, you must first invent the Universe. With that out of the way, pre-production can officially begin a biopic of the late astrophysicist and science educator.

Carl Sagan was already a prominent figure in the scientific community and the world at large when his TV series Cosmos ran in the mid-80s. For many, the show propelled him to even greater fame (he was even impersonated on SNL), but his contributions to science and scientific literacy before that cannot be overstated.

Prior to its launch, he co-chaired a committee to design the Voyager spacecrafts’ golden records, interstellar information packages meant to be comprehensible to any potential alien life out there. Sagan was a deep believer in extraterrestrial life – he founded the Planetary Society, which would eventually birth SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

He also authored numerous books, among them the novel Contact, <Pale Blue Dot[/i], and my own favorite, The Demon Haunted World.

Little is known about the movie at this point. The film has no title, and it is unsure whether it will cover the entirely of Sagan’s life, or a particular moment in time. Its existence is a pleasant surprise, though – perhaps Neil DeGrasse Tyson‘s rebooted Cosmos series had something to do with it?

Regardless, I am excited. What do you think they’ll name it? My money’s on Voyager, or perhaps Black Turtleneck: The Carl Sagan Story.

Source: LA times

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