Madlax Preview (DVD #1)

Madlax Preview (DVD #1)


imageGuns and girls are one of life’s perfect combinations. From Bee Train, the creative force behind Noir, comes Madlax, a story of beautiful babes packing pistols (Thanks, Hawkeye!), intrigue and deception, and mystery and explosions. The title character is an assassin, a hot babe with a gun that works for whoever has the most cash. However, no anime series is complete without mysterious backgrounds and strange doings, and these come in the form of Margaret, a young, flighty schoolgirl with bizarre memories and a background explained in little snippets and flashbacks. There’s some connection between the two girls, one lost in the mysteries of the past.

imageEpisodes 1 and 2 were contained on the disc I received. I can’t tell you about extras and such, because this was such an early preview that even the disc menus hadn’t been put on yet. You’ll just have to take my word that the series is awesome and anyone who loves beautiful women shooting things should pick it up.

imageThe first episode, Gun Dance, introduces Madlax, our cool secret agent chick. She’s hijacked a helicopter to assault some rebels and recover confidential army data. Gun Dance is filled with action and explosions, as well as very cool set piece scenes where Madlax flips out of trees and shoots things while looking hot. What starts as a simple mission soon becomes complicated and she gets more involved than she should, resulting in betrayal and gunfire.

The second episode, Red Moon, couldn’t be more different. At least initially. Margaret Burton is a rich student at an exclusive private school. Margaret has been orphaned and keeps having strange dreams involving her past-which has tanks in it. There’s also another storyline unveiled, with various groups working against each other to get a valuable sculpture. Margaret has some kind of connection with Madlax, but that’s all we can figure out this early on.

imageYou couldn’t ask for a more promising start to a series than this. Already we have a cool secret agent, a girl with a mysterious past, and vast, sweeping conspiracies. This disc is a thrilling taste of what’s sure to be a great series. By the looks of things, there will be a regular DVD and a cool-looking collector’s box, though those things may change by release date. Judging by this early glimpse, Madlax is going to be one of those series to put on your Must Have/Drool over list.

Note: This preview is based on an early version of the DVD and may not reflect the final product completely.
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