Man Builds Life-Sized Robocop ED-209


You have twenty seconds to check out this awesome movie-quality replica.

Remember the ED-209 from the opening of Robocop? Shawn Thorsson, master props builder and costume maker, certainly does, dedicating three months of his life to building a life-sized movie-quality replica of the gigantic bipedal robot. While originally intended to simply be a static replica, Thorsson actually decided to put some actuators in the joints so that it could swivel and move its elbows just enough to scare the pants off of anyone who’s ever seen the movie.

Enjoy it in its full glory below:

If you’re interested in seeing how this behemoth was put together, be sure to check out Thorsson’s making of movie, which he produced for the Bay Area Maker Faire.

“There are only a few projects that have made it onto my bucket list and I’m glad to say that this one is finished. It’s been three very demanding months, but the final product makes up for it,” said Thorsson on his blog. “I couldn’t be more proud.”

Source: Kotaku

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