Trying to get from Coruscant to Tatooine? Check out this map of every known Star Wars planet.

If travelling from planet to planet in a Corellian cruiser is getting you down, I’ve got just the thing. Dark Horse and Lucasfilm have published an official map of the Star Wars universe, which includes every planet, quadrant, and trade route.

Having been published in 2009’s Star Wars: The Essential Atlas, the map isn’t the latest Star Wars paraphernalia on the streets, but it’s still really cool to look at for anyone not in possession of said tome. For viewers of Star Wars that thought all of the franchise’s planets were just strewn about with reckless abandon, the map proves otherwise.

Entertainment Weekly provides us with a super-clear view of it here. Just be aware that the Deep Core isn’t the best tourist attraction around.

But if you’d like to visit Yoda on Dagobah, or check out the area where Alderaan used to be, the map provides an easily navigable route. Or you can take the easy way out and use GPS, but that’s no fun.

Source: EW

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