The division champions must now compete against each other for a spot in the Final Showdown.

Round 4 brought us some great match-ups that crowned division champions and brings us the Fearsome Four. Out of the 4 divisions, three number 1 seeds made it all the way through: Blizzard, BioWare and Valve. In the West division however, the tournament Cinderella and first time competitor Mojang took out Obsidian and is now headed to its first Fearsome Four.

Fearsome Four Match-ups

Blizzard versus BioWare

With massive amounts of fans supporting each of these developers, this match-up will be one for the ages. Each has a list of great games which have become mainstays in everyone’s personal gaming library, not to mention raising the bar of gaming development within the industry. Many people may rage quit just from having to choose between them.

Valve versus Mojang

A modern day David and Goliath, Mojang is ready to face off against last year’s champion and community favorite, Valve. Notch and Mojang have a lot of faithful supporters in Minecraft that have helped them take the West Division but will there be enough votes to take them past the legions of Valve fans who want to retain the March Mayhem title? Only your votes and tweets supporting your favorite developer can tell for sure!

For those of you who are just joining us in March Mayhem, head over to the Rules Page to see how you can participate and start getting entries towards the amazing Alienware laptops we are giving away!

To everyone who had filled out a bracket, make sure to check out our brand new Leaderboard to see where you stack every round!

Round 5, the Fearsome Four, has begun, so head over to the Official Bracket to begin voting. Welcome to the Mayhem!

Please note: Voting for Round 5 (Fearsome Four) will end at 2:15PM ET on Wednesday.

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