Ladies and Gentlemen, voting is now open for The Great Eight! But before you make your choice, get caught up on what happened in Round 3 and who to watch this Round! With eight developers left, anything can happen.

We have some epic match-ups underway as we enter into Round 4, known as “The Great Eight.” Check out the upsets from Round 3 and who you should watch in this exciting round.

Great Wins

All the wins could be considered great, as they were all hard fought, but one of the closest battles was between Obsidian and Rockstar North. After 48 hours of intense voting, Obsidian came through with the upset over the higher seeded Rockstar North. Square Enix and Naughty Dog also had an amazing match-up but in the end, Square Enix took the lead and kept it for the win.

Key Upsets

Besides Obsidian’s quick rise to knock off Rockstar North, another great upset took place when veteran March Mayhem competitor Epic Games was sent home by this year’s Cinderella, Mojang! Will Mojang continue its run at this year’s title?

The Great Eight Match-ups to Watch

At this point in the tournament, all of the match-ups are going to be close. Each developer and this fans will need full support as anyone in this round should be viewed as a potential champion.

    North Division

  • Blizzard versus Square Enix
  • Can the studio who brought us World of Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft continue their quest for the title and defeat the studio who madeFinal Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts household names?

    West Division

  • Obsidian Entertainment versus Mojang AB
  • Both of these developers have already shown how strong of a following they have as both have taken down studios seeded above them. With the 1st and 2nd seeded developers already gone, which one of these developers will win and become Division Champ?

    East Division

  • BioWare versus Bethesda
  • A battle for the ages as the number 1 and 2 seeds face off to get into the Fearsome Four. Both studios have amazing games and the respect of the gaming community, but which one has more fans voting and Tweeting for them this year?

    South Division

  • Valve versus Capcom
  • One developer has taken the PC world by storm and the other has been creating games since the release of the original NES and continues to create blockbuster titles. Both are amazing and so intertwined within the gaming industry, this may be the closest match-up in The Great Eight, so keep watching the forum polls for updates.

For those of you who are just joining us in March Mayhem, head over to the Rules Page to see how you can participate and start getting entries towards the amazing Alienware laptops we are giving away!

To everyone who had filled out a bracket, make sure to check out our brand new Leaderboard to see where you stack every round!

Round 3 has begun, so head over to the Official Bracket to begin voting. Welcome to the Mayhem!

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