Marvel’s Russell Dauterman Shows Off Thor Odinson’s New Look


Thor, Prince of Asgard, has ditched his legendary winged helmet, cape, and armor for slacks, and a cloak. His left arm has also been replaced by a mechanical one.

Now that the God of Thunder has been deemed unworthy to wield his mythical hammer Mjolnir, Thor Odinson has undergone somewhat of a makeover. Today, Russell Dauterman (the upcoming artist for Marvel’s monthly Thor title) posted some character sketches of Odinson’s radical new look, as well as new art for the new female Thor.

“Did these as I was starting work on the book,” Dauterman wrote on his Tumblr. “The costumes were designed before I came on board (by the great Esad Ribic, I believe), but here’s my take on them.”

Last week in an interview with Comic Book Resources, Thor writer Jason Aaron had high praise for Dauterman, who will replace notable artist Esad Ribic on the title. “I like the fact that Russell’s work feels a little more sci-fi and maybe a little more Kirby,” he said. “I think this is a brighter, poppier, more Kirby book, which makes sense in that it’s a brand-new version of Thor; a Thor who has just kind of come into this world and is seeing it through different eyes. I really like that part of it. I’m excited to see what Russell does on it.”

He also assured that the Asgardian prince, who is getting his own title come October, would still have a valuable role to play in the Marvel universe.

What do you think of Thor Odinson’s new look? Plan on reading his solo title in October? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Comic Book Resources via Tumblr

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