This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee looks at the Silent Hill franchise and whether people should just move on from a franchise that is no longer made by the same people that made it what it was in the first place.

Extra Punctuation Transcript

So, rumours abound that Konami have new Silent Hill games in production, after having let numerous third party developers run the franchise into the ground, cancelling the one with some actual fucking potential and letting the corpse ferment for several years. Apparently multiple titles are in production, including one by Bloober team, developers of the Silent Hill-inspired The Medium that I reviewed a while back. Now, I’ve documented over many years my love of the original Silent Hills, Silent Hill 2 especially, but at this point I am over the grieving process. I don’t want any more games because nothing good has ever come of it. This announcement feels like Konami stuck a broom handle up my dead dad’s arse and said “Look! If we work the jaw with a piece of string it’s like he’s alive again!” And all the hype outlets going “Ooh, this could be interesting!” make me feel like I’m on crazy pills for saying “Put my dad down, you fucking monsters.”


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