Medieval Lady Death Returns!



Medieval Lady Death, the popular fantasy character first launched at CrossGen Entertainment rises like a phoenix out of the ashes and returns to comic shops across the globe this February courtesy of Avatar Press and creator/writer Brian Pulido.

The new monthly, all-ages series picks up where Lady Death: A Medieval Tale left off. “Imagine the mood and tone of Lord of The Rings, but picture the main (anti)-heroine a powerful, pale skinned woman and her enemies ancient, magical beings called The Eldritch who use spells to thwart human warrior knights,” says creator Brian Pulido. “Humanity’s last hope for survival is Lady Death, an outcast who is half-human, half-Eldritch, and all attitude. She is part of both clans, but belongs to neither. Bearing the sword of vengeance Lady Death roams the medieval realms protecting the very people who fear her.”

Though Avatar Press is known for publishing edgy material by top creators like Garth Ennis, Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Frank Miller and Warren Ellis, Medieval Lady Death will be an all-ages comic. “This series continues with the same characters, mood and tone,” says Pulido. “We are very aware of the Medieval Lady Death fan base and what their tastes are and we won’t change this Lady Death one iota. She aspires to a heroic ideal and we won’t change that. I love writing her adventures and I think my passion bleeds onto the page. I invite fans of Sojourn and Lady Death: a Medieval Tale to jump on board.

Sometimes it’s confusing for readers to start a new series, but Pulido is prepared for that. “We are being careful to make this a good jumping on point for new readers,” he says. “To assure this, we’ve hired Barbara Kesel as editor. Barbara was my editor on Lady Death: a Medieval Tale. She knows the characters as well as I do and she is the secret weapon to the success of the series”.

Joining Pulido as artist is hot new illustrator Di Amorim for the first four issues. Art teams will rotate every four issues to maintain the monthly schedule. Issues 5 to 8 will be illustrated by Wellington Alves. Both artists are careful to maintain the style and feel of the original Ivan Reis work. All issues will be colored by Greg Waller of Nimbus Studios.

To enhance the series launch legendary creator George Perez has contributed a premium edition cover, which will be auctioned off by Heritage auctions in late February to benefit the CBLDF.

The series launch is supported by a special promotional poster going out to retailers all over the country soon as well as house ads and magazine ads.

Brian Pulido’s MEDIEVAL LADY DEATH #1 is a full color, monthly on-going series. Cover Price: $3.99 US. Readership: All ages

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