Microsoft Tech Video Demo Shows Off Power of Xbox One Cloud

A custom demo straight from Microsoft’s Build developer conference shows us how the Xbox One’s “cloud” could change gaming on the platform.

Back in May last year when the Xbox One was revealed, a lot of talk centered around the console’s cloud integration and how it can supposedly help shore up the Xbox One’s horsepower Unfortunately, Xbox One owners haven’t seen exactly what this means in real world terms. Now, in the video embedded, we at least have an idea what Microsoft means. First off, the footage shown is captured from Microsoft’s yearly “Build” developer conference. It’s also from a custom demo running on PC and not Xbox One; so, it’s not necessarily representative of what the Xbox One is capable of doing — but it does give us an idea of the possibilities that can be achieved with the cloud’s power.

Chances are the footage shown isn’t from an actual game but most likely from a prototype to showcase the cloud’s power. As such, the frame rate and other factors are most likely optimized to give the best performance. However, even if that is the case, real-time deformation and the frame rate virtually locked at 32 frames-per-second even with all that carnage happening is still a very impressive feat.

Do you think this sort of tech can be implemented on the Xbox One soon? If so, will this put the Xbox One’s horsepower at par — or even surpass — that of the PlayStation 4’s? The possibilities seem endless, it seems. Hopefully, Microsoft integrates this “secret sauce” to its next-gen console soon.

Source: Kotaku via VG247

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