The blocklike cows and sheep of Minecraft now have a blocklike natural predator to contend with.

Minecraft has a lot of things in the game already. But one thing it doesn’t yet have are adorable little wolves, much like the kind found in Okamiden. That’s about to change.

PC Gamer caught this video uploaded by Mojang programmer Jens “Jeb” Bergensten showing off the developers’ work on adding wolves to the game. They’re just as blocky as any other Minecraft denizen, but they’re small! And gray! And furry!

Frankly speaking, they’re adorable. I’m surprised at how expressive they seem, even in their low-res Minecraft environment. They cock their heads at the player, they shake off water, and they hunt cows in packs at the behest of the player’s mighty punch.

No word on when they’ll be added to the game, but when they are we can all rest assured that they will indeed be very very cute. Now add a Chibiterasu version, please?

(Via RPS)

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