Got a list of things you didn’t like about Fable 2? Well, so does Peter Molyneux.

Fable 2 has come under fire today from the strangest of sources: the guy in charge of making it. Speaking at the Develop conference, Peter Molyneux said that the game had plenty of problems, and said that Fable 3 wouldn’t repeat them.

Molyneux said that Lionhead had rushed in the latter stages of Fable 2’s development, which meant that some things were inevitably messy and others had to be cut. At one point, Molyneux said, the game had a staggering 67,000 bugs, more than any game that Microsoft had ever seen. He thought that Lionhead had failed to focus on the Fable 2’s unique selling points, and that research had revealed that gamers had used only 60% of the game’s features.

“We had this terrible phase where, the world looks this beautiful with this many game features, and then slowly transitioned into being less beautiful,” he said. “That’s why we had to reduce down what we had. But, to be honest with you, there were also huge design flaws in Fable 2.”

Not everything on his list was quite so serious though; one of his complaints was that he wasn’t happy with the game’s female characters, saying they looked like “Russian shot putters,” and that Fable 3’s women would have “curves and soft bits.”

Lionhead hasn’t been able to address all of his concerns however, and he said that he was sure that Fable 3 would be criticized for its loading times: “I hate loading. I really hate it,” he said. “We tried to minimize it. But we’ve got a big problem. Because a lot of our world is persistent, we can’t afford the memory. We tried and experimented with trying to stream load it, but we didn’t actually get it working.”

Fable 3 is due to be released on 26th October for Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Eurogamer

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