Capcom takes cheating very, very seriously. How seriously, you ask? Serious enough to ban an offender in Monster Hunter 3 for the next eight millennia.

The lesson here, clearly, is “don’t piss Capcom off,” because their moderators will strike you with a vengeance. A screencap posted on reveals the following message sent to a player accused of cheating in the Wii’s Monster Hunter 3:

Dear Customer

You are presently banned for using modded data to connect online. The ban will be lifted at 22:49 on 12/12/9999. The next time you violate the terms of use, you will never again be able to connect.

“You will never again be able to connect,” Capcom? A tad unnecessary, don’t you think? Well, let’s look on the bright side – one day in the far future, the distant descendants of this cheater will once again be able to play Monster Hunter 3. Unless they’ve inherited their ancestor’s tendencies to be a cheating douchebag, that is.

(Via VG247)

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