“Mutual Combat Laws” Let Superhero Trounce Racist


Unknown to his opponent, Phoenix Jones has “a couple black belts and about 30 cage fights or so” going for him.

With police officers looking on, real-life “superhero” Phoenix Jones took to the age old method of delivering justice; pugilism. In this case, the “suspect” was accused of yelling, pounding on a car, and using racial slurs, at least as reported by the gaggle of superheroes. After confronting the “suspect” and calling 911, the band of superheroes apparently tried to walk away, but the belligerents seemed eager to follow them, prompting Phoenix Jones to eventually offer to fight.

The fighting begins at around 6:30 in the video, after roughly six and a half minutes of profuse swearing and general lollygagging, and it is clear from casual observation that Jones has some kind of combat background. Further research confirms that Jones does in fact hold an undefeated record in both unsanctioned, as well as professional MMA fights under the moniker “Fear the Flattop.”

You may wonder why the officers didn’t intervene and put a stop to the sidewalk brawl. It seems Washington has legal precedence for “mutual combat”, making single combat a perfectly legal means of settling a dispute, at least to some degree. While Phoenix Jones hasn’t always stuck to the letter of the law , in this case, it seems he was well within his rights, as the officers seemed to be perfectly content watching them walk away, while keeping the “suspect” and his group in order. In any case, Jones insists that they had no justification to interfere, since both parties had agreed to the bout.

While it may seem glamorous, or at least humorous, I would encourage you to avoid invoking “mutual combat” yourself, barring extensive legal training, in addition to any actual martial arts experience.

Source: MyNorthwest

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