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Myst TV Show Is in the Works from Thor and X-Men: First Class Writer

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In June of last year, we learned that production company Village Roadshow had acquired the rights to make a variety of Myst content, with plans to create a multi-platform franchise. It looks like they have their eyes set on the small screen first, as the company has tapped Thor and X-Men: First Class writer Ashley Edward Miller to adapt the video game franchise into a TV series. Miller will write the pilot episode and run the show.

Most people remember Myst, which was originally released in 1993, simply for its challenging puzzles and the fact that it was the best-selling PC game ever for nearly 20 years. However, buried behind the mist-covered island was a storyline about Atrus and his children, who had learned the ability to create portals to different worlds through books. This plotline was fleshed out more in the game’s sequels, spin-off novels, and comics. An ancient civilization called D’ni held the power to create these books and was discovered by Atrus’ mother, kindling a long and twisted storyline.

The series will be produced by Village Roadshow and Myst original co-creator Rand Miller along with his youngest brother Ryan Miller, Isaac Testerman, and Yale Rice at Delve Media. There is no word on where it will live, though a streaming platform seems like a likely host.

The series won’t be the only Myst content we’ll be seeing from Village Roadshow. A movie is most likely in the works, though whether it will be a theatrical film or go straight to streaming isn’t known. More surprising is Deadline’s mention of more TV shows, including unscripted programming. The report doesn’t expand on this, but if unscripted Myst television programming isn’t a reality TV show where all the contestants are dropped on an island full of complex puzzles, then this entire endeavor will fail.

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