Myth War Online: Interview with Dicca Huang


Today’s feature looks at Myth War Online, the MMORPG translated to English by IGG. In this interview, we talk to Dicca Huang, the Product Manager for the game about its progress since launch and what the game is about.

WarCry Q&A: Myth War Online
Answers by Dicca Huang (Product Manager)
Questions by Joe Blancato

WarCry: For our readers, who are we talking to? What’s your role working on Myth War? What’s your background? How long have you been with the team?

Dicca Huang: I am a product manager and take charge of Myth War ( for over one year since I joined IGG.

WarCry: Obviously, given the game’s name and back story, there’s a lot of mythological background going into the game. Were there any particular real-world mythologies you drew from?

Dicca Huang: Myth War Online is based on mythology indeed, but it doesn’t refer to the real-world mythologies. It is a completely original story.

WarCry: How much interaction do players have with the gods in the game?

Dicca Huang: There are six major gods, 15 vice deities, 12 giant dragons in the game. They manage their own realms and are under the control of six major gods. Players communicate with the gods through tasks and activities.

WarCry: What goals did you have creating Myth War? Who is your target audience? What experience were you trying to give them?

Dicca Huang: Myth War is the first operational game of IGG, our goal is to do it well and let players enjoy it to the most. Speaking of the game, we expect players to say Myth War is a good game and IGG operates it successfully. For this goal, we strive very hard and maintain the game environment to players’ interests. All players are our targets and we hope more and more people will play Myth War. It is a game really worth more players playing owing to IGG’s efforts.

WarCry: What’s gameplay like? How does a player spend his time in Myth War? What’s the average day like?

Dicca Huang: Myth War is an ATB bout system MMORPG with wonderful scenes and special system, Players can enjoy the game through various systems sets. Different players have different ideas and play methods, so the characters they achieved are different. There are no best play method and time arrangement, which is also the fun of Myth War.

WarCry: Could you explain the ATB fighting system? What differentiates it from normal MMOG combat? Walk me through a two-person fight.

Dicca Huang: Fighting is the ever-lasting theme of online games. Myth War has a totally new combat system. At present, online games’ combat may be divided into two categories–RTS and Bout. Myth War has a new kind of system that combines the merits of both. This combat system is called Attack Time Battle, or ATB for short.

Although the ATB combat system delivers orders in battles like the bout game system, players can fight like in an RTS, and operate according to the situation in a given encounter, rather than acting in turns. The ATB system is not only as strategic as the bout game type, but also lets players enjoy the excitement of real-time.

Myth War’s combination of operation, strategy and activity will bring an exciting and racy experience. So, it is possibly the main selling point of Myth War.

WarCry: How does a player become the subject of a rumour? Have players responded well to that particular aspect of gameplay?

Dicca Huang: The rumour system of Myth War is unique. In game, the player can spread rumour and let it become true by all means, which will enhance player’s popularity and bring surprise reward. The more attractive to gamers is the interesting storyline dialogue — NPC constantly spreads various amusing rumours.

WarCry: How long does it take for an average player to max his level? How about a hardcore player? A casual player?

Dicca Huang: The character can level up through tasks, activities and killing monsters etc. Different player has different playtime, so it’s difficult for us to determine how long a player can reach full level. Besides task level and character level, there are skill level and pet level etc. Therefore different players play differently for the same game. What is the player interested in is important. We expect a hardcore player who understands Myth War and plays it at least 6 -8 hours every day can reach the full level in 5 -7 months. But a beginner has to make unremitting efforts to do so.

WarCry: What’s your profit model? Are you subscription-based, or do you use micropayments? A mix of both?

Dicca Huang: It is clear that Myth War Online will be free forever…no charged client, no CD key, no point cards from debut! Our income comes from the item mall. The players can consume selectively according to their individual needs. The players who pay for the items can play better and easily while those who don’t can also enjoy themselves in the game.

WarCry: Do you think Myth War will appeal to Western gamers? Have you had much success in the West?

Dicca Huang: It’s no doubt that Myth War appeal to western gamers; the players’ quantities can prove it. The number of registered users is from less than 50,000 at the beginning to 400,000 in six months and nearly one million at present. All Myth War staff made this achievement and we will work harder in the future to let all the gamers enjoy more.

WarCry: Who do you see as a competitor in the Western market? Where do you want to fit into the market?

Dicca Huang: The competition in western game market is very intense and IGG is always making great efforts. However, IGG doesn’t care who is the rival, or how to defeat him. What we are concern about is how can we create a game world for western players and how can we meet their taste and needs. What we really need to do is to understand and satisfy players’ needs, which is also the goal and principle of IGG.

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