Mythos: Ready, Set, LAUNCH!


Mythos has been off the radar in North America for the last year or so. Now, however, after extensive testing and tweaking in Asia, Redbana US is ready to relaunch Mythos in the US. Read on for our exclusive interview with Global Manager Eric Liu of Redbana US!

NEWSFLASH! The MYTHOS WEBSITE has been overhauled and redesigned! Be sure to check it out beginning NOW! You heard it here first!

1. Please give us your name(s) and position(s) with the Mythos development team.

My name is Eric Liu, and I’m the Global Manager for Redbana US.


2. May we see a picture of your cubicle/desk?
I just moved so things still look unorganized!

3. Please give a brief refresher about the lore behind Mythos.

Mythos is an online action RPG set in the land of Uld, a fantasy world where the player embarks on various adventures for different Gods within the realms. Through these adventures, the player progresses forward and ultimately might become a God themselves…

The land of Uld is inhabited by a variety of races from humans to gremlins, the massively multiplayer environment is filled with unique gaming experiences suited for both solo and group-minded players. Players will embark on epic quests and explore dungeons in search of riches and the secrets of Uld. In terms of gameplay mechanics, the game will feature a straightforward interface and isometric perspective.

4. When will beta testing Mythos begin?

Soon. We are currently recruiting participants through our website, Players can sign up on the site, and from there we provide them with the latest updates regarding game developments and the closed beta. They can also enjoy concept art and hints about new features and content, which will be regularly posted during Mythos’ development.

5. The announcement was made recently that Mythos is going to be released in the US. When do you anticipate this happening?


We’re still unsure when the exact date will be. We prefer to ensure that Mythos will be the best it can possibly be before establishing a release window. On that note, it’s currently going through localization in Korea, and we anticipate that it will launch in the US in early 2010.

6. Mythos was originally developed by another development team. Was it difficult to pick up someone else’s work and run with it?

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to take on Flagship’s project and continue its development. Hanbitsoft acquired the IP of the game and now it is being developed by T3 Entertainment in conjunction with Redbana US. Redbana will also act as Publisher of the franchise in North America.

7. What have been the best moments working on Mythos?

So far my favorite part about working on Mythos has been some of the user testing we’ve done. We’re very optimistic about Mythos and we’re working really hard to make it an unforgettable experience, and interacting with long-time MMO players and individuals outside of Redbana has been a lot of fun, and incredibly beneficial to us. Seeing people in the game is kind of like watching your child take their first steps.

8. What have been the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge has been taking this Western MMO and tailoring it for a global audience. Gamer’s tastes vary so widely across different countries that it’s very difficult to present the game in a way that’s cohesive and balanced while still satisfying everyone’s unique preferences.

9. Mythos was in beta stage about a year ago. What significant changes have been made since that point?

We’re actually working to add content in nearly every part of the game. Currently we’re working on re-working and upgrading a number of different areas, introducing new weapons and armor, new quests, and new races and classes. Keep an eye on our official website, , for more updates and to sign up for our newsletter.

10. Have any new races or classes been added? Why or why not?

Most races have been given a face-lift, and additional classes and races are being developed on an ongoing basis.


11. What races and classes are now included?

Basic classes and races exist from the previous version. Human, Gremlin, Satyr, and Cyclops are available races. Bloodletter, Pyromanger, and Gadgeteer are available classes.

12. Have any new areas been added? If so, what type?

Multiple zones are being re-worked and upgraded, providing players with more to do and interact with. There are also plans to offer continuous updates and patches to bring in new weapons, armors, quests, entirely new zones, and completely new races and classes in the future.

13. Pirates or ninjas and why?

I am personally a ninjas sorta-guy but certain individuals at this office dress up for Pirates’ Day! They are on my hit list. 🙂

14. Is Mythos currently in beta in any other country? How is it being received?

Yes, Mythos is being localized in Korea right now so it is going through a series of beta testing. It’s hard to say exactly how it’s being received since it’s not completely finished and to improve the game we want our testers to be critical.

15. What is your favorite in game area and why?

I can’t name anything specifically yet, but we’ve been doing a lot of work on some beautiful outdoor areas that will help Mythos stand out from the traditional dark aesthetic normally present in online fantasy MMOs.

16. What is your favorite class and why?

I’m very partial to the Satyr class, mostly because they’re original – something other MMOs haven’t included in a game yet.

17. Please add any other information you’d like!

Check out to sign up for the newsletter and received regular updates on Mythos’ progress!

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