NBC has released a trailer for its upcoming television show starring a caped vigilante, which actually has potential.

The Cape was picked up by NBC for the fall 2010 television schedule last week, with a description that made the show’s main character sound like a working man’s Batman. Now, with The Cape‘s trailer thrown out of NBC’s utility belt onto the internet, we get a better idea of what the show will be like.

When Vince Faraday is framed for murder and believed dead, he becomes superhero The Cape thanks to the training of what look like a band of circus thieves. The coolest thing about Faraday is not that he fights crime wearing a spider-silk cape, but that he reads comics to his kid behind mother’s back. This way, mother looks like an ass and dad looks like a hero, long before he becomes one for real.

Any television show that knows the value of a circular explosion gets my attention immediately. The basic premise of The Cape isn’t blowing my mind, but the trailer’s lack of corny-ness is lighting a fuse. The description of the show didn’t quite reveal that Faraday’s cape is a super-powered weapon in the right hands, and that Summer Glau (Faraday’s partner of sorts) is much more than a “blogger,” being all up in the Minority Report-like touchscreen shown here.

A compelling trailer can be cobbled together from anything, so The Cape has yet to prove its longevity. With only a first look though, NBC’s next foray into superhero land has piqued my interest.

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